From Hollywood to Children’s Books: Tom Jenkins’ Inspiring Journey to Authorship

June 06 04:54 2023
From Hollywood to Children’s Books: Tom Jenkins’ Inspiring Journey to Authorship

June 5th, 2023 – Tom Jenkins has recently shared an Inspiring book titled Sammy the Sensitive Little Samurai. The book will captivate the minds and hearts of artists and children of all ages as they explore Tom’s stories. Tom took it upon himself to use his ideas and write something new and different for a change. You can read about his multiple views and perspectives in his book, Sammy the Sensitive Little Samurai. Tom’s inspiration and source of dedication was his daughter Samantha.

This book is for students, writers, poets,  and anyone wanting to get inspired. A lesson is told on every page written, and Tom wants everyone to read and express their thoughts about it. It’s hard to keep one away from reading the following story. Sammy, the Sensitive Little Samurai, is genuinely enticing and beyond compare.

The book has ideas and inspirations that set it apart from other books we’ve come across before. Tom’s clever and vivid descriptions transport readers through experience and knowledge, immersing them in a world of love, knowledge, and fun. He makes it inspiring and insightful; the possibilities of each opinion one can comprehend while reading and contemplating are limitless.

With its beautiful message and uplifting ideas, Sammy the Sensitive Little Samurai is the perfect addition to any library. This book is a must-read for students, teachers, and anyone wanting to read something new and fresh.

Sammy, the Sensitive Little Samurai, is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major book retailers.

“Sammy, the Sensitive Little Samurai” is an invaluable resource that immediately proves its worth. It is an excellent choice for writers looking to add a practical and engaging resource to their library.

With its unique features and fresh perspective, “Sammy the Sensitive Little Samurai” is a must-read for anyone interested in poetry. The book is available now in both print and digital formats.

Author Tom Jenkins Releases Book of Stories: Sammy the Sensitive Little Samurai

With its sweet and beautiful language, Sammy the Sensitive Little Samurai is a powerful and moving book that will resonate with readers worldwide.

About the Author

Born in Hollywood, Tom Jenkins became a successful composer for dozens of commercials, movies, and TV shows. He then segued into writing screenplays after selling his first 20-page story treatment to a major studio for an unprecedented amount of money. Since then, Tom has produced two motion pictures, written and directed one of them, plus a TV pilot, and now has 21 commercial screenplays ready to go. He is currently in pre-production on one of them and will begin shooting the picture in 2019.

In the meantime, one morning in May, while speaking with his daughter Samantha on the phone and hearing how concerned she was and how bad she felt about one of her friends, he reminded her that she has always been like, “Sammy, the sensitive little samurai.” She enthusiastically said, “Daddy, that sounds like a children’s book.” Tom immediately got it and began writing “Sammy the sensitive little Samurai,” using Samantha as the inspiration for the character.

His screenwriting background allowed him to bring a whole new approach to children’s books, and the result is fantastic. There are seven 3-minute compelling stories with 28 beautiful illustrations.

He has just finished another feature film entitled, Bed and Breakfast that will be released in June 2023.

Book Name: Sammy, the Sensitive Little Samurai
Author Name: Tom Jenkins
ISBN Number: 978-1643508900
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