Michael Budensiek Shows Business Owners How To Achieve Time & Financial Freedom

June 06 00:18 2023
His coaching and consulting sessions pinpoint areas holding the client back while offering solutions that eliminate these limitations

Goals spur individuals to aim for more in every aspect of their lives. They are the lens through which one can see a better future for themselves by committing to daily routines that take them closer to these goals. However, the demands of life can easily turn one away from the pursuit of these goals, so it is important to enlist the support of trusted and driven professionals such as Michael Budensiek to help turn these dreams into reality.  Michael Budensiek is a renowned strategic advisor and life strategist who is on a mission to help his clients achieve their professional and business purpose.

Budensiek is an expert coach, garnering experience from his consulting business, which was launched in 2018, and from one-on-one coaching sessions with over eighty business owners and thought leaders from around the world. He has spent over 17 years & 25,000 hours coaching individuals and small groups on reaching their goals. His insightful techniques, customized plans, and professional methods have turned the tide for the businesses of his clients, as they moved from $200 a day to $1000 a day within the space of three months. For example, with a 5x revenue boost of his client, Jake’s solopreneur business in the health sector, he has earned a reputation of a life strategist to be reckoned with.

Michael Budensiek’s efficient and effective methods have drawn the attention of juggernauts across different business fields, who testify to his excellent coaching abilities. Ricky, the CEO of Borderless Blockchain Alliance, had this to say: “Michael has a true talent in helping people become better versions of themselves and is truly one of the kindest, most authentic people you’ll ever meet.” Vice President of Harlingen Medical Center, Wesley, also said: “While working with Michael, I learned how to know every aspect of my business, and I have learned how to become mentally tough.”

Through enriching events, stimulating demos, and live experiences, Michael Budensiek has been able to partner with aspiring and notable entrepreneurs and business owners to help them be the best version of themselves while serving others at their highest level and creating financial freedom for them and their families.

For more information, please visit www.michaelblife.com or www.instagram.com/michaelblife 

About Michael Budensiek

Michael Budensiek is a strategic advisor and life strategist passionate about working with individuals looking for growth in their business, career, or overall life. He partners with them and comes up with strategic plans for their needs to reach their desired outcome. He is also a serial entrepreneur as he opened his first personal training studio in 2013 before branching out into the coaching and consulting fields.

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