Natural dietary supplement brand, Pinzhencao, introduces its fortifying ginseng drink.

April 01 13:37 2023
Pinzhencao offers customers their ginseng and cranberry drink influenced by traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Pinzhencao has introduced its ginseng cranberry drink, utilizing ingredients and techniques inspired by traditional medicine and age-old wisdom.

About the Brand 

Pinzhencao is a natural dietary supplement brand offering their ginseng drink inspired by the wisdom of ancient herbology. They allow a natural and reliable route to self-care using homeopathic remedies supported by wisdom accumulated over thousands of years.

Speaking to a company representative, “Our ginseng and cranberry drink is a contemporary take on ancient Asian herbal medicine backed by thousands of years of experience. We prioritize safe, natural ingredients like ginseng, cranberry, and ginger jam-packed with nutritional health benefits.”

Revitalizing and Organic Ingredients 

Pinzhencao aims to create superior products in the organic health food industry. The company relies on tried and tested homeopathic medicine, emphasizing pure and precious ingredients and one-of-a-kind formulas. 

Their expert formulation focuses on re-energizing and strengthing the body from within, improving upon various areas of life, including physical stamina, concentration, depression, and even menstrual health. Pinzhencao stresses increasing energy Qi, an ideological concept from traditional Chinese and East Asian culture that suggests all living beings have a vital force or energy, ‘Qi.’ 

Ginseng and Cranberry, their Role in Chinese Medicine

Asian Ginseng, known scientifically as Panax ginseng, has been an integral part of East Asian remedies for centuries. The ginseng root is used in various ways. It has been proven to boost memory and cognition, improve the immune system, slow aging, and reduce the likelihood and severity of respiratory and cardiovascular disorders alongside mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. Ginseng has also been linked to improved glucose metabolism, helping reduce blood sugar.

Cranberry is considered an astringent and a tonic in the world of Chinese folk medicine. It is believed to improve kidney, bladder, and liver meridians, a network of channels in the body through which qi flows. Furthermore, cranberries provide immunity against urinary tract infections, cancer, obesity, and heart disease, to name a few.

Unlimited Health Benefits

Pinzhencao combines the numerous health benefits of ginseng and cranberry to create a nutritious super drink catering to a wide array of health problems. 

The medicine merges ginseng’s ability to reduce menopausal hot flashes and cranberry’s potential to reduce UTIs to provide female customers with the perfect balanced drink. It not only helps raise body energy but also reduces abdominal pain during the menstrual season. 

The combination improves cognitive function, reduces stress, and improves the immune system and beauty. Pinzhencao’s ginseng cranberry drink, based on a 2000-year-old recipe, boasts improved fat metabolism, anti-aging properties, and overall a healthier and energized body.


Pinzhencao provides customers with balanced and nutritious dietary supplements made with a medley of fresh and organic ingredients. Their formula is backed by the wisdom of ancient traditional East Asian medicine. 

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