Mainstay Medical and PatientPartner Team Up To Support Patients with Chronic Back Pain

March 21 09:08 2023
The long-awaited partnership is now extending services to patients in Australia by enabling them to connect with past patients of ReActiv8, fostering a community of support for patients.

March 21, 2023 – Mainstay Medical and PatientPartner have been helping patients with chronic back pain in the US since 2022 and are now expanding this offering to patients in Australia.  Starting in Q1 of 2023, patients struggling with chronic back pain will be able to speak with a ReActiv8 past patient who has successfully undergone a ReActiv8 procedure all across Australia. The PatientPartner technology allows prospective patients to easily communicate with a mentor similar to themselves to better understand how the ReActiv8 implant can change their lives.  

Both Mainstay Medical and Patient Partner teams are ecstatic about the partnership and have high hopes for this project and the people and communities who will benefit from it. 

“The partnership with Mainstay Medical is a perfect example of how patient-to-patient engagement can lead to a better understanding of new technology. Patients everywhere are seeking this level of support and education and look forward to the opportunity to replicate the success we’ve seen domestically in the Australian market,” says George Kramb, CEO of PatientPartner. 

Support is incredibly important and plays a huge role in healing and creating comfort for those struggling with chronic pain. However, the real challenge is providing support and insights that comfort and prepare patients for their healing journey. 

Since the initial partnership between Mainstay Medical and Patient Partner in mid-2022, the teams have helped countless patients understand their options, find a mentor who understands their conditions and symptoms, and provide support throughout the pre-operative journey. 

About PatientPartner

Founded in 2017, PatientPartner is a health technology platform that allows pre-treatment patients to connect with experienced patients, also known as mentors, to gain insight into a specific type of therapy/treatment. The product is free for patients, and the organization donates to charity for every mentor connection on the platform. The PatientPartner technology is disease-state-agnostic and works with medical device and pharmaceutical companies, as well as physician practices, to drive peer-to-peer engagement, which leads to a better understanding of their products and services.  

About Mainstay Medical

Mainstay Medical is a global medical device company offering therapeutic solutions and new hope for adults suffering from chronic pain. Its goal is to transform patients’ lives daily by alleviating pain and improving function. Mainstay Medical is led by a team of dedicated scientists, executives, engineers, and clinical experts who leverage their collective experience to develop and commercialize technologies that address unmet clinical needs. Mainstay Medical distributes the ReActiv8 therapy, the only FDA-approved restorative therapy of its kind that uses a restorative treatment approach that targets underlying multifidus muscle dysfunction. Historically, patients have only been given a handful of palliative alternatives that temporarily mask the symptoms, whereas the ReActiv8 therapy targets and strengthens the underlying muscle responsible for the chronic lower back pain symptoms. 

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