A Miracle at Work: World-Renowned Sri Lankan Resort Santani Wellness Kandy on Helping Guests Living with Ailments

January 24 22:48 2023

Santani has made headlines since opening its doors as the first wellness resort in Sri Lanka, becoming the most celebrated new hotel in the world over the last 6 years with prestigious accolades including being selected as one of the World’s 100 Greatest Places by TIME magazine, one of Tatler’s 8 Best Spas in the World, and one of Forbes’ 25 Most Unusual Hotels among many others.

While the outward brilliance and promise of an amazing location with the best food and service in Sri Lanka were evident, the key promise of Santani, ‘Wellness 2.0’ was still to be tested. The belief is that Ayurveda can really change the game of wellness, and Santani’s bold take on creating a preventative healthcare paradigm, where a toolkit is given to managing health before getting sick, is working. 

In a recent interview, the Founder and CEO of Santani, Vickum Nawagamuwage explained why Wellness 2.0 has exceeded all expectations. 

“Our vision of Wellness 2.0 is to help restore a person to their best state physically, mentally and spiritually. Santani’s main focus is on detoxing and cleansing which is essential for preventative care. 

A common misconception exists among people that the agrochemicals and chemicals in our food are the only toxins. But ancient Ayurvedic detoxing and cleansing called ‘panchakarma’, practiced for thousands of years, existed long before people consumed processed foods or used agrochemicals. Why were they detoxing if the food we eat is the only problem? 

The answer is metabolic waste. As we age, our bodies become less efficient in expelling waste, which leads to accumulation and chronic diseases later on in life. Santani helps to get rid of these thus eliminating the root causes. This creates a preventative paradigm.”

Two recent case studies provide evidence of this success, and they are nothing short of miracles. 

Case Study One 

A 42-year-old male diagnosed with frozen shoulder couldn’t lift his arm above his shoulder. He was to undergo surgery after failing to fix the issue for over 2 years with a 50% chance of success. 

Three weeks at Santani restored his arm to 360-degree rotation. In his own words:

“Two weeks later, back home, my shoulder pain was gone! I could suddenly (and still can) rotate my arm 360 degrees, exercise, work, and sleep. The holistic treatment at Santani, which includes not only the body but also the mind and soul, has achieved what my top-class doctors here in Germany had not been able to do for two years!

I just spent my second 3-week-stint at Santani and I’m feeling better than ever!”

Case Study Two

A 37-year-old male diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that caused his platelet count to slowly decrease for over 6 years. His platelet count was 81,000/mm3   on arrival at Santani and after a 5-day detox, his platelet count went up to 122,000/mm3.

Mr Nawagamuwage further states that over 40% of Santani guests are now repeaters. This signifies how well Santani’s wellness offering meets the needs of the fast-paced lives lived today. What is also interesting is that Santani is visited by many non-wellness guests as well. They all enjoy the peace of mind that Santani is designed to provide. 

It is evident now why Santani Wellness Kandy is one of TIME magazine’s World’s 100 Greatest Places. No one would want to miss this heavenly place when visiting Sri Lanka. 

Chalets from USD 544 (all inclusive). For further information or reservations, please contact (+94) 76 399 1919, email reservations@santani.lk or simply visit www.santani.lk.

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