Now On Indiegogo, A New On-Demand Watering System for Household Plants

January 18 16:36 2023
Now seeking community support via Indiegogo, a new system for on-demand plant watering that ensures healthy growth by preventing over or under-watering!

Ade Andu, a multiple award-winning product developer in the field of irrigation products for homes and gardens, has announced an exciting crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to release his latest innovation, the Plantpal Watering Globe.

A decorative globe with a control stake, the Plantpal Watering Globe uses an innovative hydrodynamic valve to regulate the release of water from the globe when a plant needs it. A strategically positioned wick monitors and measures soil moisture content in real-time, while a hydrodynamic smart valve releases water from the globe directly into the soil, as needed, to continuously provide optimum hydration to plant roots. The Plantpal Watering Globe includes a newly designed MARK 2 hydrodynamic valve that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, provides excellent water control, prevents soil clogging, and waters plants reliably and continuously for up to two months, depending on plant size. 

Plantpal Watering Globes currently come in large or mini sizes, which measure 90 centimeters and 80 centimeters in diameter, respectively. Their vibrant, decorative designs are available in glass and plastic models, and each acts as a functional, decorative tool for ensuring healthy growth by preventing harmful over or under-watering. By doing so, the Plantpal Watering Globe makes managing household and office plants all year-round easier than ever before, even as plant owners regularly struggle to water plants correctly.

To learn more and support the Plantpal Watering Globe project, please visit:

Funds raised from the crowdfunding campaign will be used to support the release of the Plantpal Watering Globe with the new MARK 2 hydrodynamic valve. Starting today, pledge as little as $10 to support the project. Specific rewards, including packs of plastic or glass Plantpal Watering Globes in various quantities, are also available, but may be limited. Act fast and visit the Indiegogo campaign page today. 


Ade Andu is a multiple award-winning product developer in the field of irrigation products for homes and gardens. He recently announced a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to release the Plantpal Watering Globe, a new system for on-demand watering that ensures healthy plant growth by preventing over or under-watering.

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