Kurdish Islamic Preacher Muhammad Mala Fayaq, One of the Most Prolific Iraqi Writers Gracing the Sulaymaniyah International Book Fair With Religious Books

January 16 22:48 2023
Muhammad Mala Fayaq is an Iraqi Kurdish writer and motivational speaker, writer of 22 books in Kurdish, 9 books in Arabic, and thousands of motivational and religious lectures in Kurdish.

Islamic preacher Muhammad Mala Fayaq participated in the international book fair that was hosted in his hometown in 2022, where he received recognition for his exemplary work in the field of religious writing. Having authored numerous books and spreading the word of Islam among thousands of people across the globe, Muhammad Mala Fayaq was received as an honorary guest at the Suly Expo later this year. 

Muhammad Mala Fayaq was born in the city of Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which is also the city where the Sulaymaniyah International Book Fair will be held. Recognized by UNESCO as the City of Literature, Sulaymaniyah is also known as the Cultural Capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq; it has played an important role for innumerable pursuers of knowledge and religious people, as well as for Muhammad Mala Fayaq. 

The Kurdish Islamic preacher Muhammad Mala Fayaq was born in 1971. His early education took place at Chamchamal School located in the city of Chamchamal in Iraqi Kurdistan. After finalizing his primary studies, Muhammad Mala Fayaq enrolled in the religious school situated in the Mudarseen neighborhood in 1982. 

Having studied at Mudarseen’s religious school for years, Muhammad Mala Fayaq joined the Islamic Institute in 1989 and further reinforced his knowledge, understanding, and love for religion. He joined the Faculty of Islamic Science Studies in Baghdad, graduated in 1992, and now holds a BA in Sharia and Islamic studies. 

Throughout his studies and later in life, Muhammad Mala Fayaq has been constantly writing and publishing religious books, striving to educate the members of Islamic communities. He is the writer of 22 books in Kurdish, and 9 books in Arabic. 

Regarding the latter, Muhammad Mala Fayaq Iraqi Kurdish writer has published three volumes of the book “Biography of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (PBUH) in the Qur’an and Sunnah”, as well as “Patience in the Qur’an and the Sunnah”, and “Humility in the Qur’an and the Sunnah”. His work has inspired innumerable followers of Islam and provided them with deeper knowledge about religion. 

In addition to publishing religious books in the traditional format, Muhammad Mala Fayaq is also spreading the word of Islam across social networking sites. A team of professionals is actively collaborating with Muhammad Mala Fayaq, striving to create, upload, and promote comprehensive, accurate, and relevant religiously-oriented content comprised of audio and video files. 

The Kurdish Islamic Preacher Muhammad Mala Fayaq is also widely regarded among the most popular Islamic motivational speakers; he is constantly reaching new audiences and sharing his knowledge with them.

More information about Muhammad Mala Fayaq is available on his official website.

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