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January 11 11:02 2023

Haier Biomedical is a leading biological technology company that is committed to improving the life science industry and global healthcare developments with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT). The company is dedicated to developing and supplying environmentally friendly and premium-quality medical devices that adhere to international safety and quality standards. Furthermore, the company is composed of people wholly devoted to helping every customer find the right medical product for all their needs and bringing life-changing technologies to the world.

Better Biosafety Cabinets that Lead to Bigger Scientific Breakthroughs

Biosafety cabinets also referred to as biological safety cabinet, is a type of safety equipment that has a negative pressure purification feature. It provides protection to scientists, samples and environment during R&D.

Despite being perceived as beneficial and safe, biosafety cabinets may pose hazards to users, especially when not used or assembled properly. In addition, it requires strict maintenance and frequent disinfection to ensure user safety.

Haier Biomedical’s unceasing effort to make better biosafety cabinets made it possible to create biosafety cabinet models that offer higher productivity and less restraints allowing users to work on things that are truly important. It boasts of its intelligent constant wind speed technology, interlocking feature, filter life alarm, and one-button UV lamp timer. Moreover, it is designed with an intelligent green energy-saving mode and airflow block feature for better protection.

Innovations That Enable More Efficient and Effective Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Liquid Nitrogen Storage plays a central role in storing vital biological samples and organs that are sensitive to temperature and outside influences. Moreover, it allows scientists to preserve animals for further studies and transport animal semen to prevent the extinction of a specie.

While liquid nitrogen storage has no doubt contributed to the massive development of science, it is still perceived as a technology in progress. The liquid nitrogen in liquid nitrogen storage evaporates when in use, requiring users to replenish the element in containers every so often. As simple as it sounds, this task is not always safe and efficient.

With Haier Biomedical’s years of research and cutting-edge technology comes a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen container like no other. It features state-of-the-art engineering and technology that allows safer and more efficient use. Furthermore, it boasts of its 500-liter storage capacity and heavy-duty build.

At present, Haier Biomedical’s self-pressurized containers are widely used in different industries like aerospace travel, medicine, military, and more.

Improving Pharmacy Refrigerator Technologies to Optimize Healthcare Systems

Pharmacy Refrigerators are storage devices that allow users to store medicine and important drugs safely and protect their use value. While Pharmacy Refrigerators are effective in preserving product integrity, they do not offer versatility and only allow users to store samples under one temperature setting.

Haier Biomedical’s Combined Pharmacy Refrigerator is a device like no other as it combines a refrigerator and freezer in one device. It can operate at different temperature requirements and ensure that the temperature needs of biomedical samples, medicine, and vaccines are all met. In addition, it can help save space and offers a more convenient way to manage essential items in the device. Furthermore, it is designed with reliable temperature control, independent lock catches, and a safety pre-warning feature. More importantly, it is energy efficient and environmentally friendly with HC refrigerant.

Haier Biomedical’s Combined Pharmacy Refrigerator is suitable for storing frozen blood plasma, vaccines, biological materials, and other essential healthcare goods.

Offering More Thorough Sterilization for Safer Laboratories and More Reliable Discoveries

A vertical autoclave is a kind of sterilizing device used in hospitals and microbiology laboratories. It is used to sterilize different lab equipment and other materials. However, vertical autoclaves are not made equal and may not provide the same sterilization effects.

The Haier Biomedical Vertical High-Pressure Steam Sterilizer offers more thorough sterilization of medical instruments and materials. Unlike other vertical autoclaves, Haier Biomedical High-Pressure Steam Sterilizer features internal water circulation that allows multiple levels of disinfection. During the sterilization process of the device, no steam is discharged, and cold air is eliminated through specialized sterilization methods including dynamic positive pressure pulsation. With this device, users can minimize the risks of infections and chances of living organisms interfering with experiments or laboratory analyses.

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