The Yale Youth Ministry Institute at Yale Divinity School Offers Online Curriculum with Lessons for Leaders

January 09 19:54 2023
Yale Divinity School’s Yale Youth Ministry Institute (YMI) provides online youth ministry training, promoting adolescent faith in a diverse and changing world. The program equips future leaders and helps build collaborative communities in and beyond Christian churches.

The Yale Youth Ministry Institute was created with more than 30 years of youth ministry experience among the leadership and the collaborative efforts of a network with over 80 practical theologians and youth ministers. YMI equips leaders with the skills and knowledge to effectively partner with churches and community organizations.

“Too many of our churches and our young are struggling. Too many of our denominations and congregations are struggling because they are failing to transmit the fait to rising generations,” YMI program founders said. “YMI provides outreach, training, and lifelong learning programming at Yale Divinity School through the Center for Continuing Education. 

Conducting scholarships

One of the Yale Youth Ministry Institute’s foundational tenets is conducting scholarships, funding and publishing original research into youth ministry practice and theory. YMI also hosts meetings of scholars and practitioners of multiple facets of religious education.

Join YMI for a RACE To Be Human screening at 7 p.m. Eastern time on February 6 via Zoom. 

Resourcing youth ministries 

YMI offers resources, training, and programming for youth ministries. With a collective goal of enhancing knowledge and understanding about various youth ministry topics, YMI organizes the information by topic and resource type, making it easy to find the desired resources. 

“Our resources include curricular materials, program modules, communication templates, ‘best practices’ exemplars and guides for developing youth ministry mission statements, schedules, and programs, sample sermons, and consultative services,” YMI representatives said.

Equipping future leaders 

Through YMI’s online platform, youth ministers can attend free monthly lectures, complete web courses, follow the summer symposia, and join Bible study for leadership. YMI also provides access to interdisciplinary resources and a curated library of more than 700 video lectures and interviews featuring renowned scholars from Yale and other prominent institutions. 

YMI discussion forum 

The Yale Divinity School YMI discussion forum provides a place for like-minded theologians to discuss various aspects of youth ministry and related issues. Actively sharing diverse experiences can lead to innovation and increased understanding. 

Fostering belonging

Dr. Erik Carter, Ph.D., of the Yale Youth Ministry Institute, speaks about creating communities of inclusion and belonging for youth with disabilities.

The Flourishing Life Project

YMI participates in the Flourishing Life Project, an in-depth study examining the “twin calamities” of declining churches and struggling youth. Over 100 leading practical theologians and youth workers worldwide have joined the team to develop three curricular modules and supporting resources.


Visit the Tale Divinity School – Youth Ministry Institute website to learn more about its efforts to promote adolescent faith and flourishing diversity. Reach out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect on social media.

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