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January 04 12:32 2023

An Introduction to Concentric Reducer

The reducer whose center is in a straight line is called concentric reducer. The commonly used forming process is reducing, expanding or reducing plus expanding, and stamping can also be used for reducing pipes of certain specifications.

Product specification:

3/4 “X1/2″ — 48 “X 40″ [DN 20 X 15 — 1200 X 1000]

Wall thickness dimension:

Sch 5s –160

Executive standards:

GB/T12459-2005, ANSI, JIS, BS, DIN, UNI, etc

Product material:

Carbon steel, Stainless steel

Packaging method:

Fumigation free wooden cases and pallets can be specially packaged according to customer requirements.

Product application:

Petroleum gas pipeline engineering, natural gas pipeline engineering, chemical plant, power plant, shipyard, pharmacy, dairy, beer, beverage, water conservancy, etc


Carbon steel: 10 #, 20 #, A3, Q235A, 20G, 16Mn, ASTM A234, ASTM A105, etcStainless steel: ASTMA403, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 0Cr18Ni9, 00Cr19Ni10, 00Cr17Ni14Mo2, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc

Standard system:

There are mainly two systems of pipe flange standards in the world, namely European pipe flange system represented by German DIN (including the former Soviet Union) and American pipe flange system represented by American ANSI pipe flange. In addition, there are JIS pipe flanges in Japan, but they are generally only used for utilities in petrochemical plants, and have little international impact. The following is a brief introduction of pipe flanges in various countries:1. European system pipe flanges represented by Germany and the former Soviet Union2. American system pipe flange standard, represented by ANSI B16.5 and ANSI B 16.473. British and French pipe flange standards, two casing flange standards for each country.To sum up, the international pipe flange standards can be summarized as two different and non interchangeable pipe flange systems: a European pipe flange system represented by Germany; The other is the American pipe flange system represented by the United States.


1. Classification by material:Carbon steel: ASTM/ASME A234 WPB, WPCStainless steel: ASTM/ASME A403 WP 304-304L-304H-304LN-304NASTM/ASME A403 WP 316-316L-316H-316LN-316N-316TiASTM/ASME A403 WP 321-321H ASTM/ASME A403 WP 347-347H2. According to the production method, it can be divided into pushing, pressing, forging, casting, etc.3. The manufacturing standards can be divided into national standards, electrical standards, ship standards, chemical standards, water standards, American standards, German standards, Japanese standards, Russian standards, etc.

Distribution characteristics

(1) The bending moment caused by the area pressure difference between the big and small ends of the concentric reducer under the action of internal pressure causes the phenomenon that the big end opens relatively and the small end shrinks relatively;

(2) Under the action of internal pressure, the circumferential stress on the inner surface of the large end of the eccentric side and the outer surface of the middle of the eccentric side of the eccentric reducer is the largest.

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