KwikClick’s Point Of View: Interview With Founder And Visionary, Fred W. Cooper, PhD. ($KWIK)

September 22 06:16 2022
KwikClick's Point Of View: Interview With Founder And Visionary, Fred W. Cooper, PhD. ($KWIK)

Bountiful, Utah – September 22, 2022 – KwikClick, Inc. (Pink: KWIK) (“the Company or “KWIK”), an industry-leading software platform developed to uniquely connect sellers (users) and influencers with buyers (participants) while merging the benefits of social media marketing with the intense power of individual affiliate and word of mouth marketing, takes time out with Fred W. Cooper, PhD., the founder and visionary behind the innovative platform. In this up close and personal interview, Mr. Cooper (FWC) explains his role at Kwik, his vision for the company moving forward, and how and why he believes the platform can change E-commerce landscape.


Q. Fred, you are the founder and visionary behind the Kwik platform. But in it, you were mentioned as “stepping aside.” Is that an accurate assessment?

FWC: For a time, I am stepping aside from the responsibilities that attend being chairman and CEO. Much of a chairmans role is administrative at this point, and I feel that Dave Hunt, the new Chairman has many years of experience and his experience in this area to make sure we are OTC compliant.

Our executive team is very experienced in their areas of Expertise. We have a CFO with public experience, and a President who has been with KWIK since almost the beginning. As a result, the direction of the company is well established.

This stepping aside will allow me time to rescue another situation that is demanding my immediate attention. However, I will still be influential to assure that the direction for Kwik is set, and future advancements in the platform are prioritized.

Q. With your involvement, can you explain the evolution of the Kwik platform, where it is today, and what investors and platform users can expect in the platforms next generation?

FWC: After over 1.5 years in development, the platform is now capable of the primary functionality it was originally designed for. We are able to; 1). Sign up brands on the platform, 2). Sign up users and influencers, 3). Make a referral between a user and a potential customer, 4. Collect payment for a purchase while properly accounting for all fee’s and payments to the brand, and 5. Pay our waves of commissions to users. This central commission engine (we call CCE) is at the heart of the Kwik platform, it is through this potential to allow anyone to earn commissions like influencers with large followings. And this in turn motivates customers of any company to become ambassadors for the brands they love.

As for the next generation in the platform, functionality, usability, and integration on next on the horizon. As we continue to code the app, we are adding objects and API’s to allow integration into existing e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, magento, and woo commerce to name a few. We are also continuing to expand our e-commerce functionality for those brands who wish to have an alternative fully integrated e-commmerce store with KWIK and an irresistible price… FREE.

Future upgrades on the docket include a simplified user interface which will reduce the number of clicks required to share a link on any social media platform, expanding the platform to accommodate brick and motor shopping, service sector, and WEB3, improving the liquidity of commissions, and portability of commissions to banks, credit cards, other users, brands etc.

Q. The interesting part of that answer is its inclusionary feature. It literally can appeal to everyone and anyone, right?

FWC: That is a MAJOR reason for its appeal. The app is free to brands and to users, it provides another channel of distribution to brands with a “no risk” proposition since KWIK only earns revenue if a sale occurs, and finally, by paying waves of influence, someone who would never consider themselves a person of influence can earn on their true reach of influence. Anyone can earn commissions by endorsing and sharing a product because it isn’t just your friends you earn commissions on, it is also the friends of your friends of your friends!

Q. It’s described as easy to use, too. As simple as a single click from a Kwik-generated link to earn money?

FWC: We have tried to make sharing a referral as easy as dropping a pin location. In this case, rather than dropping your location to someone, you simply drop the location of product to someone. Connecting your referral to the consumer in an unobtrusive manner, makes the process much less complicated and users do not even need to learn “how” it is done. Only that with KWIK, the system keeps tracks of all the purchases of people within a campaign, when they purchase, and your commissions, all within a simple app.

Q. The shareholder update highlighted how companies also benefit from the Kwik platform. How so?

FWC: Right now brands are VERY limited in the information they get for the money they spend on social media and influencers. Usually brands must work with a broker. They pay a fee to these brokers, who then entice the influencers with him the broker as an affiliation with, to promote the brands service for a specified period of time to earn a specified amount of commissions.

The actually information the brand receives back in terms of ROI, customer feedback, campaign success, and public opinion from the promotion is limited at best. With KWIK, not only do brands know exactly how much sales were generated from the campaign, but also the actual valid ratings they received, the number of engagements, comments, who was most effective and so on. Data, the most valuable aspect of any companies marketing campaign, is the most valuable. With kwik the cost of that data is again, an irresistible price…. FREE.

Q. Does that benefit open doors to partnership opportunities in the E-commerce space?

FWC: It does. It now makes it possible to offer brands on E-commerce platforms an alternative market place. The brand does not have to abandon their current investment in E-commerce, rather KWIK can provide a second distribution channel at virtually no cost, unless a sale occurs. Exposure is what KWIK has to offer, and with USERS from other customers of other companies using the platform, their particular brand can get exposure as they get on the KWIK platform offering commissions to anyone who wishes to promote their brand.

Furthermore, KWIK has the opportunity either through joint ventures, partnerships, or acquisition, to build their platform and user base of existing social media, E-commerce, and other social media services. With KWIK as the partner, existing customers of such platforms also become immediate brands and users of KWIK with a “side hustle” offering that is like no other referral or affiliate program available today.

Q. In that respect, would these potential partnerships be dilutive, accretive, or a combination?

FWC: Such acquisition would only be accretive. The additional sales generated by online software services would yield higher sales and profitability to KWIK. Further, by adopting Kwik as their exclusive affiliate program to all brands and customers, the joint ventures or acquisitions would lead to increased sales to all brands and existing customers.

Q. That fits into what the shareholder letter said, “2022 could be a breakout year.” Do you expect success that early?

FWC: With our ability to put brands on the platform now, and pay their customers commissions in a way that has never been done for consumers and influencers, we have had brands already express strong interest in launching our platform to their customers.

It is our hope that a couple large brands along with a few large influencers promoting quick to their followers, will demonstrate to users and companies that KWIK is at the beginning of adoption.

While sales will not be enormous the fourth quarter, the adoption of well know brands on the platform we hope to be the beginning of something big.

Q. That optimism requires managerial and sector-specific expertise. Is that in place?

FWC: Most all of the managers and coders that we have in house have been with us from the beginning. They are very familiar with our strategy, direction, and coding philosophy. Beyond our in-house coders, we have hired specialist in coding objects and API’s to make integration into web platforms quick, easy, and accurate. We don’t have to be the best at coding interfaces, we find specialists in their specific domain, and hire them to write the code. The key for us, is that when the outsourced work is completed, we own, and hence can manage, the source code.

Q. Assuming all goes according to plan on the performance front, what protections are in place to secure Kwik’s competitive advantages?

FWC: We are a cloud-based software platform. We will be first to market with our wave commission processing, and our consolidation of affiliate programs offered by brands. First to market always provides a competitive advantage in terms of name recognition.

Beyond first to market, we have filed over 30 patents within the U.S. and internationally for many of them to protect the manner in which our waves of compensation are paid. The way we pay is simple for USERS to understand, and we don’t want a competitor to be able to copy our methodology for paying commissions in such an easy fashion.

Our software has been QC and stress tested for performance and reliability by independent companies which specialize in this.

And finally, our software is “cloud agnostic.” What I mean by that is currently we are operating completely in the cloud with all the safeguards in place with AWS. However, if for any reason, we are removed from that service, our software is written such that we can quickly and efficiently move to any other cloud service provider. We don’t want to be beholding to any specific service for us to be able to operate.

Q. It’s been suggested that the Kwik platform can revolutionize parts of the E-commerce landscape. As the vision behind the platforms development, do you agree with that aggressive assessment?

FWC: I believe revolutionary has become trite in business lately. But I believe with KWIK the term is warranted, here are some reasons why…

  1. Go talk to any influencer, ask them if they receive indefinite commissions from all subsequent purchases from their followers, AND the friends of their followers, AND the friends of their friends. Not only has no influencer ever been paid like that, they have never HEARD of it.
  2. When we approach large brands about our CCE as a way to pay their customers for referring their brand, while at the same time providing that brand with data about their specific brands, they have NEVER heard of this type of affiliate program and only need a demonstration to prove it works, and they love it. After all, what is not to love about paying for a marketing campaign only if a sale occurs, based on a commission the brand gets to determine, and gets to mine all the data from that particular campaign. ALL at a price they can’t help but love….. FREE

Q. Obviously, you are bullish on the company’s prospects. But is there anything keeping you up at night regarding how fast Kwik can grow?

FWC: First is probably what I don’t know. This concept, whatever time it takes to catch hold, when it does, will likely go viral. I can’t imagine all the issues that may come to be a factor with such growth.

Also there are so many joint ventures, partnerships, and business relationships possible with KWIK, staying focused and not expanding our services faster than our ability to manage needs to be carefully watched over.

Q. Two more questions, and they are hypothetical, not guidance. How do you see the Kwik platform positioned in the sector in the next 12-months and can you speak to the market size the company is targeting?

FWC: Kwik is going to begin its toehold by gaining adoption on its platform with midsize cap companies. These companies have a large enough consumer base, that by becoming the affiliate program for companies of this size, public awareness of the new way to earn money will be possible without necessarily having to have large public media advertising to garner awareness.

Additionally, KWIK will target mid to large scale influencers with a reach in excess of 1M followers to promote KWIK as a new compensation method for influencers and the brands they promote.

The third method to gain market awareness will be in the integration of E-commerce platforms like shopify. These web services providers have an existing clientele of stores with millions of consumers. By making KWIK an easy interfacing app with these stores, thousands of brands and their thousands of customers will translate into exposure to millions of potential Users of KWIK.

Shortly thereafter, the success stories of Users earning significant income despite their relatively small reach will entice others, through word of mouth marketing, to bring brands to the platform, and share their commissionable products with their friends.

Q. Ending the interview with this question- the Kwik shareholder letter told investors that “they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Since you are a part of the development team, can you expand on that statement?

FWC: Kwik when you first hear about it, sounds like a referral program in which, if you recommend a product to a friend, and they buy, you earn a commission each and every time they repurchase. But it is so much more than that. Kwik is a consolidation platform for affiliate programs, a social media platform where individuals with similar tastes and likes in goods and services can converse, a data gathering and mining company, and even a public opinion forum to name a few.

Since the key to kwik is compensating individuals for making customers aware of goods and services, it is the perfect marketing platform where brands get what they pay for, and customers get paid for what they love to buy and share everyday.

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