How To Be Effective And Efficient At Work

August 05 17:46 2022
Five Top Strategies to Improve Work Efficiency and Effectivene

In fact, how well a person works depends to a large extent on the level of efficiency. To improve work efficiency, it is necessary to find a way to improve. 

In the post-epidemic era, remote working has become an essential part of people’s daily life. Meanwhile, the widespread use of the internet also reduces time costs to a certain extent and increases the efficiency of collaboration.

1. Maintain optimal passion to the work. Passion for work can also be described as the willingness to work, which means the desire to complete efficiently. Whether to work proactively and conscientiously, or to work perfunctorily and dilatorily.

2. Choose the best way to work. There are various ways to do any kind of work. Just like solving a mathematical problem, there are many ways to do it. The simplest and most efficient method is often the first choice for most people. Similarly, finding the best approach will save unnecessary wastage of time. Therefore, please think carefully about which is the best way before start a work.

3. Understand how to combine work and rest. No matter studying or working, it is important to combine work and rest to get twice the result with half the effort. Overworking at work will reduce productivity and affect physical health. In this case, working long periods of time to get the job done will not the result in an expected outcome.

4. Continually learning new knowledge and skills. In a rapid developing environment, without continuous learning, employees will be filled with a sense of powerlessness and be left behind by the times. Effort is a sufficient or essential condition for success, but it is not a guarantee of success. Rapidly changing environment and work content makes learning new things even more important. By viewing the experiences of those who have succeeded, it is clear that whoever they are, they all used to ask questions actively, attended courses and learned new knowledge and skills continuously. Thus, it can be assumed that the amount of knowledge is proportional to the number of possible outcomes to a certain extent.

5. Selection and use of tools. Choosing the right tools can make things much easier. Individuals are part of the society as a group, similarly, the collaboration of individuals with other team members at work can directly determine the outcome. Each task is not something that can be done by individuals alone, but is a collective project, where pleasant collaboration improves the efficiency. To improve daily office productivity, having a caring office assistant can make the results twice better. Especially for small and medium-sized start-ups who often have to travel, efficient remote working will no longer be difficult.

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Tracup has three basic features: simple and clear, no deployment and extremely easy to use.The three main benefits are: fast bug tracking, easy project management and efficient collaborative working. Ready to use on the online web, no need to build or deploy, any team and individual can use it immediately. Check the progress of projects at any time and from anywhere. The Pgyer team also uses Tracup to manage the team’s progress in work. Tracup is not only suitable for development teams, but also for product and operational teams. Issue types are classified as task/function/bug and can be labelled with priority (low/medium/high). For each issue on Tracup, users can easily set the type, status, priority, assignment, version, module, end time and more. Multiple project management and visible workbench partitions. Numerous excel forms are worse than a single Tracup Kanban board.


Tracup is based on the ease and need for technical teams to collaborate on projects, with six main features including an issue system, project management, statistics, file sharing, plug-in system and team collaboration. Besides, the overall layout and functions are set to satisfy the preferences, comfort and convenience of technicians, which truly enables everyone to work elegantly and efficiently.

Tracup is also doing its best to explore new features. For example, the ‘Project Repository’, which is based on the collaboration of technology development teams with associated code repositories, has achieved the synchronization between multiple platforms.


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