MCM 20T Electromagnetic Vibration Generator System Come into Use

August 05 15:20 2022


In line with the company’s strategic development direction in the field of power and energy storage testing, MCM’ s 20T double-slide vibration generator system, which had been ordered in December 2021, was officially put into use recently. The device is mainly used for vibration testing of large battery packs. The usage of this vibration generator system will cover the vibration requirements of various power battery packs.

Equipment Capability:

The vibration generator system mainly is contained with the host part and the control part, with vibration table, cooling unit, intelligent power amplifier, vertical table, horizontal slide table, waterproof and heat insulation device, vibration controller, acceleration sensor, air compressor, etc. It can realize sinusoidal, random, typical impact, resonance search and resident, sinusoidal plus random, random plus random, data acquisition and spectrum analysis, multi-task analysis, impact response spectrum, transient impact, road spectrum simulation, CAN communication protocol and other functions. Here are the main parameters of test capability:

Rated sinusoidal excitation force (peak)

200 kN

Rated random excitation force (rms)

200 kN

Impact excitation force (peak)

600 kN

Frequency domain

1~2200 Hz

Maximum displacement (p-p)

76 mm

Maximum speed

2 m/s

Maximum acceleration (no load)

1000 m/s2

Maximum load

2500 kg

Table size


In order to meet the requirements of monitoring temperature, humility and vibration during the test, we started to customize the temperature and humidity chamber, which is expected to be done in September. 


Editor’s Statement:

MCM, with the mission of “Making certification & testing simple and happy”, has been steadily moving forward in the battery industry, providing clients with simpler, more efficient and more comprehensive certification & testing services like a “butler”. The introduction of the 20T double-slide vibration generator system, which was a supplement of vibration test, is based on the suggestions and requirements from our clients. MCM will grow together with our clients and continuously improve our capabilities to provide clients with more comprehensive and accurate testing services.


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