HGVT Provides Account Managed Training Solutions for Companies across the UK

August 05 06:58 2022

HGVT is one of the UK’s largest specialist vehicle training companies. They have over 60 HGV training centres across the UK. Some of the biggest organizations in the UK typically rely on them for HGV training, including the DWP, HSS Hire, Enterprise PLC, DHL, Job Centre Plus, and more. They specialize in providing a one-stop training solution for companies’ transport and logistic needs, taking the headache away from transport managers and training coordinators and allowing them to get on with their job knowing their employees are in the safest hands. They also deliver training to individuals.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, “It has been our experience that long, drawn-out classes make it difficult for students to retain information. Therefore, we utilize a fast-paced and concentrated training approach that gives our students the information they need in short, concentrated bursts. This results in greater retention and better recall for most students.”

When it comes to HGV training in Manchester, England, HGVT is not just the best HGV training provider in UK but in Manchester as well. With the company, a client only requires a £10 deposit for the company to start them on one of their HGV training programmes. Typically, their training programmes are tailor-made, and they include only the element that a client needs. Therefore, if one has already got started with HGV training and is only looking for practical training, the company can do that for them. However, the most common elements that a client will find in the company training packages include medical, theory, practical training, and CPC. In addition, the company only offers state-of-the-art training materials, which gives any client the best possible chance of passing their tests.

The company spokesperson added, “All of our instructors are experienced professionals who have spent time on the road themselves. They are constantly on hand to answer questions, provide additional explanations or offer any extra assistance a student might need to complete a given module. They are aided by support staff wholly dedicated to the success of each student.”

The training at HGVT usually takes a few weeks, after which one will be ready to take the final two tests required to get their license. The training offered involves both classroom and hands-on training. If a client passes the two tests, which they will eventually, as the company has a 92 percent pass rate, they will have both their license and their initial CPC qualification card. Thus, they will be able to start looking for work right away. The company usually goes beyond just providing HGV training in London. They also assist their clients in finding an HGV job as they have teamed up with some of the best recruitment agencies in the sector. So, for those looking for the best HGV training centre, the company is the best place to go.

About HGVT

HGVT is a company that trains over 200 people per month with the capacity to meet any training needs, from an individual wanting a one-day HGV refresher to a company needing 150 employees to be upskilled. Those wanting HGV training in Birmingham can contact the company.

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