Goldmark Oakham – Attending the Soul Diamond Auctions – Why not?

August 04 20:58 2022

Buying a certain watch model, the internet or the watch store is the correct choice.

Buying a diamond jewelry model, a reputable name is what we aim for. Diamond is a precious stone, but not necessarily so rare that it is hard to find and diamonds are mined every year.

With Soul Diamonds, each diamond is born from emulating the earth to “give birth” to a unique diamond with a vestige of a special person’s DNA. To own a rare soul diamond, in addition to the expensive cost of a miniature earth, the elaborate processing costs of the artisans from Goldmark Oakham, the time it takes to produce a unique soul diamond and the legitimacy of DNA is also a factor that pushes the price of this super rare species so high.

In addition to the usual sales channels, people who are predestined with soul diamonds also have an extremely effective access channel, which is auction.

Hearing the soul diamond from Goldmark Oakham, the public thinks of the number from millions to hundreds of millions of dollars. This is a promotion and proves the credibility of the auction organization, however this information is not entirely accurate.

Many people believe that only super products such as soul diamonds containing the DNA of the Pope or the Patriarch or King of the past can be auctioned, but if we learn more about the auctions of Sobethys or Hill Auctions News, these soul diamonds are reasonably priced, not too expensive. Besides, we see many soul diamond samples with family values, love, even brand new, original seals.

Pros and cons of the soul diamond auction

Before the start of the auction, we always have a list of soul diamonds that have appeared with expert valuation. If people participate in the direct auction, they also have time to check and review the soul diamond, the history of the soul diamond carefully through the griddle laser code, and they can go to the Goldmark Oakham page to check its history.


All diamonds are appraised by experts

The auction list of soul diamonds will always include a valuation, an estimate of the price range. Stories of history, love, family or career are all shared and verified for clarity through experts.

Soul Diamonds are objectively tested

The auctioneers are not soul diamond people. They connect sellers and buyers. In order to maintain their credibility, auction houses must hire professionals with many years of experience to inspect soul diamonds!


Emotional factor

The emotional factor is what makes owners of soul diamonds lose a huge profit. It is not always possible to bid for the highest bid. With heartwarming stories, a soul diamond after being successfully auctioned at Sotheby’s was immediately bought back for 30% more. This is not a rare thing in the modern era, people should determine the “Happiness” interval when closing the transaction, avoiding feeling regret when someone resells the soul diamond at a higher price.

Participation fees

In addition to the proceeds from the sale of the soul diamond, one will often incur an additional commission fee for the auctioneer, which of course, can be negotiated during the auction to be borne by the buyer. This Premium fee is the reason why the Spirit of Ocean diamond is hammered for 12.6 million USD, but in the newspaper, this price is more than 13.8 million USD. This is also the soul diamond that an unnamed billionaire proposed to buy back for more than 16 million USD right after the new owner owned it.

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