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August 04 20:56 2022

The crypto traders around the world are looking for new opportunities to gain more profit on the volatile market and considering their need, COOKDAO has come up with its latest NFT program. This organization has launched the first NFT Securitization modal from New Zealand that is capable of empowering users around the world who have invested in cryptocurrency. The organization is bringing a new era of profitable NFT Collections and the pre-sale has already started. COOKDAO NFT is all set to launch in August, this month and the global crypto investors and users are eagerly looking forward to it.


The integration of NFT and blockchain is noticeable in almost every other industry however; most organizations fail to provide a suitable and secure structure for the investments of the users. Bringing a difference in the market, COOKDAO by offering the most secure mediums of crypto investment plans which offers ample opportunities to enhance their crypto assets significantly. Looking forward to the launch program, IDOs are already held on along with a ton of NFT influencers, lovers, and supporters around the globe. With a successful roadmap ahead the agency is showing a light for a profitable future along with a greater return on investment. The agency has received a 5 million cryptocurrency venture capital fund from New Zealand Venture (GD1) due to its Amazing Securitization Modal.

This latest Securitization Modal is created by some of the top crypto experts and developers from the blockchain industry in New Zealand. It is also supported by more than 700+ communities around the world who share a fair amount of knowledge, experience, and interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain programs. In order to offer more convenience to experience traders as well as beginner investors in the volatile crypto market, the agency has created a community for everyone where the users can buy, sell, and even display their NFT assets. There are also discussion rooms provided so that the users can talk and have a discussion with the NFT owner members. Based on the feedback provided by the users, the platform will work on the best deals to offer more convenience to each user and their requirements.

The launch of the COOKDAO NFT is going to offer more benefits to the users with the 3 different values of the NFT Card. The cards are categorized as Gold Cook, Diamond Cook, and Platinum Cook. Each of the NFT Cards comes with different values since they offer a different profit margin based on the purchase. The Gold Cook NFT can provide a profit margin of up to 2x. Similarly, the Platinum Cook NFT is able to provide a profit margin of up to 2.5x. The Diamond Cook NFT card can be considered the most profitable purchase with up to a 3x profit margin. Each of these cards will allow the users a take complete advantage of blockchain investment plans. With the pre-sale already started, these cards will soon become a part of the user crypto asset that assures more profit and stability in the market.

On the foundation of COOKDAO, there are two different NFT coins that will be extensively used to offer more products such as $SIFE and $KIWI. $SIFE will be governing and on the other hand, $KIWI will be responsible for crypto mining and earning on the platform. This is an amazing concept of the platform that allows having a massive utility across all products within the communities through voting, revenue sharing, staking, and much more exciting interactions. Offering more transparency and clarity in the transactions; the agency makes sure every user is able to foresee the results of their investment.

Currently, CookDao is progressing steadily in its initial phase. Therefore, the organization is focusing on its Pre-Production, Market research, and the aspects of DApp Development. The progress in this quarter can be considered Phase 2. By Phase 3, the production will kick off rapidly as the CookDAO NFT Creation is already to an end. Looking forward to launching the New Tokenomics of $SIFE & $KIWI, the company will be making some significant progress in this phase. DEX Listing, Pre-sale & Public Sale with the first IDOs will be started in August. CookDAO’s NFT Securitization model is garnering much attention from the global market by adding valuable & potential inputs to its blockchain project. Along with its Telegram Community and Audit Smart Contract, the users will be able to find CookDAO Support Desk by the end of this phase.

Next comes Phase 4 that is starting with Listing on CMC (CoinMarketCap) or CoinGekco. NFT Webviewer and NFT Marketplace are the core elements of this phase. This phase is also crucial for the DeFi ecosystem development. The platform never fails to satisfy the users and the communities with the utmost professionalism. Therefore, this phase is specially designed to focus on Community Growth & Engagement as well as on creating Affiliate Programs for everyone. Creating a Discord Community is part of the roadmap as well. Next year will the year of profits for both the users on the platform and the platform itself. By 2023, COOKDAO is looking forward to Token of Cook’s NFT ($SIFE) breakthrough 100Million Market Value. Similarly, Token of Cook’s NFT ($KIWI) breakthrough 500Million Market Value is also part of the plan.

With a successful roadmap, CookDAO NFT will break through 100x Profit earning and that is what the users are eagerly waiting for. The organization’s goal of Benchmarket of completion for the CookDAO NFT ecosystem will be done by 2023 with a fully interoperable NFT platform. The promising roadmap of the agency seems quite convincing while most other agencies fail to offer ample opportunities for growth. That is COOKDAO is preferred by some of the best-affiliated partners around the world. The Management Team behind this company works round the clock to make sure the users are able to get solutions for their queries.

To know more about COOKDAO, visit And our twitter @cookdao2022 as well as telegram (CookDAO) for more!

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