Shield Storm Restoration Outlines the Critical Aspects of a Roof Inspection

August 03 12:48 2022
Shield Storm Restoration Outlines the Critical Aspects of a Roof Inspection
Shield Storm Restoration is a trusted roofing company in Canton, Georgia. In a recent update, the company outlined the critical aspects of a roof inspection or repair.

Canton, GA – In a web post, Shield Storm Restoration outlined the critical aspects roofing contractors should check during a roof inspection or repair.

The attic is important in enhancing indoor air circulation and temperature regulation. As a result, heat and moisture may sometimes build up in the attic, inhibiting air circulation. Without proper ventilation in the attic, the roofing lifespan may also reduce considerably. Therefore, a Canton roofing contractor should examine the attic to ensure no blockage on the vents and louvers.

The roof’s decking is also essential to check during an inspection. A sagging roof decking may indicate a weakened structure owing to excessive moisture. Therefore, a roofing contractor in Canton should check the condition of the decking to ensure the nails remain firm on the wood. If the roof decking is not in proper condition, the contractor should replace the damaged section.

A roofing inspection is never complete without checking the gutters. An ideal gutter system allows rainwater to drain off the roof shingles, preventing damage to the roof. Thus, a Canton roofer should ensure the gutters and downspouts don’t have cracks. In addition, the gutters should be free from blockages hindering proper water flow. 

Roofing contractors should also check the condition of the roof shingles. Usually, missing or cracked shingles require a professional roof replacement. In addition, a roof inspection should check if the nails hold properly to prevent unnecessary bumps on the roof surface.

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Shield Storm Restoration is a trusted roofing partner in Georgia. The company offers professional roof installation, repair, and maintenance for commercial and residential clients. At Shield Storm Restoration, clients can access an array of roofing services such as shingle roofing, metal roofing, and gutter and fascia installation. The company incorporates state-of-the-art technology, including drones and artificial intelligence, during roof inspections to enhance quality.

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