Powerful Subliminals Releases New Subliminal-Infused Meditation Tracks

August 03 11:18 2022
Powerful Subliminals Releases New Subliminal-Infused Meditation Tracks
The guided meditation tracks tackle a wide range of topics, helping people find the clarity they need to thrive.

Powerful Subliminals, a dedicated online resource for affirmations, subliminal audio, and personal development tracks, today announced the release of its newest batch of subliminal-infused meditation tracks. These are guided meditations specifically designed to target different limiting beliefs and support personal transformations. Topics include better focus, confidence boost, sleep, mental healing, and stress relief. The tracks are a part of the company’s growing subliminal audio catalog offered through subscription on its website and mobile app for iOS and Android.

Subliminal audios are affirmations embedded and masked by different healing frequencies, often at 528 Hz and 432 Hz. The message is sent just below the threshold of conscious perception, going straight to the subconscious mind. Research says the subconscious dictates 95% of an individual’s behavior, thoughts, and feelings. This means that inner self-sabotaging beliefs (i.e., feeling not good enough, social awkwardness, and not having money) limit people from reaching their full potential.

By bypassing the conscious mind and using a combination of commands, NLP and hypnotherapy techniques, and constructive messages repeated over and over, the subliminal tracks can rewire the brain and inspire a deep-rooted positive change in the most efficient way possible. Aptly put by the company founders, “It’s like affirmations on steroids.” The tracks reprogram the brain into something better and set it up for success.

What’s more, getting started on subliminal meditation is easy. Users only have to listen to the tracks and pay attention. Tracks can be played on any device using a speaker or headphones. The subliminal will help align an individual’s vision, values, and beliefs with their outward action, so they can declutter their mind, level up, and lead fulfilling lives.

The team behind Powerful Subliminals carefully curates each script, spending days researching and perfecting the right layering and techniques. The company boasts over two decades of combined experience in the personal growth industry and an unwavering passion for helping people rewrite their stories at their core.

Through their subliminal tracks, the company has helped hundreds of individuals break free from their limiting beliefs and achieve goals they never thought possible. The team says, “Our subliminal tracks are a real limitless pill that will skyrocket your success.”

Each subliminal track comes with a 30-Day Guarantee and a dedicated lifetime customer service. After purchase or subscription, clients can immediately download their subliminal audio and start their journey towards lasting and positive change. Products are fully digital (ZIP File).

Explore Powerful Subliminal’s catalog of life-changing subliminal tracks here: http://www.powerfulsubliminals.com/.

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