Triple M.A.I Launches The Finish App That Uses Sound Frequencies to Affect Certain Areas of The Brain

June 29 15:18 2022
This new productivity audio streaming app for productivity trains the mind and muscle memory as the brain receives specific and natural frequencies.

Kofi Edwini-Bonsu, the founder of Triple M A.I. Incorporated, has launched a one-of-a-kind app for boosting the productivity of administrators, working professionals, and high school and university students. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to manipulate sound in ways that help musicians compose better tracks and professionals become more productive, Finish is already creating buzz among the beta users.

According to a study, using binaural auditory beats affects mood and performance in humans. Kofi Edwini-Bonsu, the CEO of Triple M A.I., has worked on something similar by developing a productivity training app – Finish. This app has been designed to help professionals in all areas, including writers, students, CEOs, and artists, develop unbreakable focus. Kofi is confident that this app will revolutionize the way sound frequencies are used and help everyone get more work done and excel in their careers.

Kofi Edwini-Bonsu was quoted as saying, “This product is revolutionary, it will change the way business and academic work is done. Just give it a try! What you got to lose except wasted time not getting anywhere with your work. This has never been created before, no one knows how to use frequencies the way I do. I promise to deliver.” 

The CEO and owner of Triple M A.I. Incorporated added, “I started the company in December 2020, something I am proud of. Comprehend helps you grasp written and spoken information more clearly. You have a section of your brain that permits you to concentrate and comprehend. The Finish app encourages you to use that region of your brain to relate to the content and audio you’re listening to.“ 

The Finish app works by streaming soundless/inaudible frequencies that affect certain brain areas, allowing the user to unlock focus, creativity, productivity, motivation, and comprehension. All of these qualities are crucial for success in professional life. 

It has four different modes with varying frequency settings to accomplish different tasks, including Focus Better, Read Faster, Type Faster, and Comprehend.

Focus Better activates the brain’s focus center making it highly attentive to the information coming its way, allowing the users to get more work done in less time. Similarly, Read Faster cancels out all the distractions in the background, allowing the brain to feed on the information the user is reading.

Moreover, the Type Faster mode activates the user’s muscle memory, relaxing their hands, resulting in faster typing speeds. Lastly, Comprehend allows the users to better understand audible, visual, and textual information by activating the brain’s specific area related to information comprehension. 

Interested users can download the app directly from Google Play Store. The app will soon be available on the Apple Play Store and Amazon App Store, among others.

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