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June 23 01:45 2022
LinkedRich is a safe multichannel platform that specifically helps businesses and content creators to dramatically improve their outreach on LinkedIn.

The power of LinkedIn cannot be spoken about enough. The social media platform which connects professionals around the world with each other has become a major tool to elevate one’s career. Businesses are also not left out as LinkedIn provides them with an opportunity to improve their brand. In addition, they can network with other businesses, find employees, and even improve their ranking on search engines. But in spite of all these advantages, most businesses still tend to underestimate or even ignore what this platform can do for them. This is where LinkedRich comes in. 

Just as its name implies, LinkedRich is an automation built to help businesses, entrepreneurs, and enterprises boost their growth on LinkedIn. The automation does this by providing them with the best strategies and technologies required to make this possible. In essence, LinkedRich is the ideal tool that startups and creators need to utilize LinkedIn effectively without spamming or wasting time. 

LinkedRich comes with powerful automation features that seamlessly work with LinkedIn. Some of the noteworthy features available to users include:

–  Built-in outreach templates: These are proven templates that are guaranteed to give businesses maximum results.
–  Multi-channel smart campaigns: LinkedRich guarantees that this feature will give its users 3x the results when deployed for cold outreach and cold emails. 
–  Integrations: This feature allows users to do things like send leads to Hubspot or Pipedrive, personalize images with Hyperise, and find emails with Snov.
–  Cloud-based software: LinkedRich is hosted in the cloud which ensures that accounts are not lost in situations of hardware failure. It also means that it continues working in the background at all times.

In addition to the above features, this LinkedIn automation tool has a number of embedded dedicated proxies that eliminates the need for external ones. These proxies provide safety and ensure that every LinkedRich user gets a dedicated country-based IP address with an algorithm that looks just like a human. Not only does LinkedRich perfectly simulate human behavior, it also ensures that LinkedIn limits are respected. This means that one can send 100 invites and 100 messages per day, and withdraw connection requests automatically. 

Moreover, this LinkedIn outreach automation knows how important images and GIFS are in today’s competitive content space. This is why its Hyperise integration makes it easy for users to add personalized images and GIFs to their campaign in order to boost replies. The automation software even ensures that users can get feedback on how well their campaigns have performed. One can easily track results and get complete statistics on their LinkedIn outreach campaigns with this feature. Most importantly, LinkedRich is quick and easy to use. So one can launch a campaign in 13 minutes and start seeing results within 24 hours.   

Since it came on the scene, LinkedRich has helped more than 120 businesses generate over $80 million in revenue. As one customer puts it, “Honestly we’ve tried every LinkedIn tool there is. But LinkedRich really made things easy and the results speak for themselves.”

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