Alfreedom Unveils 5 new songs in his “TBT (EP)”

May 24 13:12 2022

Debut Album “Let’s Start a Dream” will be out on August 12th, if his Kickstarter reaches its goal.

He will be releasing his tour dates, once his album is released. 

“Appears to be a quiet young man that tends to blend in with the crowd. Once he started playing, however, that was proven quite wrong. His stage presence is what you could hope for with a solo musician”, says Jeffrey R. from Better Rhymes.

On May 20th, 2022 (Caracas, Venezuela) – Alfreedom released “T.B.T. (EP)”, a music production that contains original, early discography such as “Not Giving Up”, “Save Me”, and “Resistance”; these will be re-recorded alongside 5 additional authentic songs for his hugely anticipated debut album: Let’s Start A Dream – out August 12th, via ArtEtainment Studios / ArtEtainment LLC (his own company), and sponsored by donations made via Kickstarter.

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“T.B.T. (EP)”’s release follows a vast academic and practical journey in Music Business and Creative Production, studies made at Berklee College of Music & Miami Dade College. Alfreedom is looking forward to promoting his never-before-released music, recorded a long time ago; he longs to announce these tunes, intending for people to become acquainted with his work, providing a preview of what will be coming out in August, and allowing his fans to get involved in his musical career. 

Uplifting, happy and romantic: T.B.T.(EP) is full of musical pieces that will energize listeners in order to achieve their goals: conquering your S.O.’s heart, achieving personal and professional goals, or prevailing rough times. These liberating songs will accompany you through your journey, providing the inspiration you need on your way to your triumph. 

This EP has a secret track!  

Alfreedom is taking advantage of “T.B.T. (EP)” to increase his fans’ engagement and to promote his Kickstarter, which will be live today on May 24th; via this platform, his Super Fans and Executive Producers will be able to donate, helping Alfreedom to record 10 songs, promote, and release his debut album, plus recording a couple of music videos and officially initiate his musical career as an artist, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. 

Alfredo Herrera, known professionally as Alfreedom, has always loved to make music, and has resolved through rough times in his career as a musician that he intends to provide an added value proposition: a way for other musicians, songwriters, and other artists from all fields to easen their journey and truly focus on their work; he will be helping them “skip” music producers who want to get a cut from signing them to a mayor label, or that will take months to produce a song. Alfreedom has learned greatly about production and music business in order to keep on writing, producing and promoting his work, including songs, music videos, and himself as a brand; this is why he now wants to do the same for others as well. 

Alongside “T.B.T. (EP)”, Alfreedom is promoting his music video for “Not Giving Up”, which may be found on YouTube, and soon on Apple Music. This video was directed by someone Alfreedom always remembers with great love: his cousin Arturo Perez, who passed away in 2020, and is now one of his greatest inspirations. With his music, Alfreedom wants to “create an atmosphere where we can finally be free”, in harmony with everyone else, by respecting their rights and freedoms. Alfreedom lives under the principle that, if used correctly, music is the way to unite and create world peace. 

“Music can change the world because it can change people” – Bono.

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