Smart Devices Specialist The Connected Shop Celebrating First Year Anniversary

May 12 19:57 2022
Florida-based online shop dedicated to making lives easier through innovations.

Without realizing it, innovations and various digital technologies are now deeply embedded into people’s everyday lives – from relying on the Internet and cellular data to stay connected with family and friends, conveniently shopping at home through online platforms, and also managing finances in digital banking applications. Digitization has indeed made lives easier and more productive and the The Connected Shop strongly believes in the power of an interconnected world.

Based in Miami, Florida, The Connected Shop is dedicated to finding out the latest innovative smart devices that will bring convenience to any home. They strive to deliver all the great innovative smart objects that will make life better, making the most of the digital acceleration. “Enable your everyday objects to make your life smarter today,” their team added.

As they celebrate a year of bringing smart innovations to people and their homes, The Connected Shop has already introduced different products for home, gardens, pets, office, travel, and even fashion. For instance, having a connected home will not only make lives easier but also makes it safer for families. With this, interested customers can choose what kind of product suits their home best. Let’s say they are looking for a more secure front door, some of their options include a fingerprint smart door lock, traditional smart door lock, smart padlock bluetooth, smart door knob lock, or a smart door lock that is extra secure with its camera, fingerprint, and wifi capability.

Those who love traveling also have access to the finest selection of travel connected gadgets and smart sensors at The Connected Shop. In fact, their smart wallet with bluetooth tracker is one of their featured best sellers in the travel category. Because of its feature to track lost wallet location history, notification alerts, and wallet ringtone for a quick check if out of sight, it provides its owner the confidence to travel anywhere without the fear of losing his or her wallet. It is also made of genuine leather so it is guaranteed to withstand the test of time. As an added bonus, their smart wallet can be used as a remote for taking photos from a mobile phone.

These are just a few of the digital innovations that The Connected Shop offers. To enjoy the advantage of connections and make the switch to an easier and more convenient life with the help of smart gadgets, visit for more information.

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The Connected Shop is a Florida-based online shop offering the latest innovative smart devices that will make lives easier and more productive.

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