Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute Shares 5 Reasons Why Board Certifications Matter

May 11 19:57 2022
The Institute Tackles The Advantages of Getting A Board-Recognized Certification To Professional Coaches

The people at Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute, LLC takes professional coaching seriously. There is no question about it.

The innovative coach training institute believes that being an effective coach is much more than just being able to duplicate lessons that were seen from other sources. The company spotlights that there is a profound necessity for professional coaches to understand the science behind the methodologies in order to become successful. And according to its founders, Jenn and Carson, the best way to achieve this is by getting certified by an accredited certifying body.

“When you know you are confident with coaching techniques and the science behind WHY they work, you can ask questions no one has asked the clients before, observe patterns they haven’t seen, and take them deeper than any coach has taken them,” said the founders.

More than just enhancing skills and knowledge, The Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute explains that getting certified brings a number of other benefits to coaches. The team lists down its top 5 reasons why board certifications matter:

1. Increase prices

By acquiring recognized certifications, coaches improve their earning potential said the Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute. Just as how doctors and lawyers are able to raise prices due to their education, professional coaches can also add value to their services by getting certified and therefore are able to increase their professional fees.

2. Confidence in getting results

According to the institute, coaches are able to handle any challenges that arise with confidence when they know that the skills and tools they have are backed by research, and science, and implemented across a wide variety of coaching fields. The team describes board-certified as being equipped with a reliable tool kit that can handle any situation that may arise.

3. Legitimacy backed by a board with high standards

The institute further notes that the certification establishes the coach as a trustworthy service provider. It affirms one’s legitimacy and gives a sense of security to clients.

4. Ethics

Getting certified also gives coaches a deeper foundation in terms of the ethics of the practice says the Genius Unlocked team. The accreditation process provides them with the guidelines to help them maintain professionalism and make just and non-biased decisions.

5. More opportunities

Lastly, the team highlights that being board certified opens up new and bigger opportunities. Businesses and organizations seek coaches and speakers who possess these accreditations. It is the way for coaches to transition from being small-time practitioners to becoming recognized experts on a wider scale.

Jenn and Carson also cite that getting board certification is not just a matter of adding credentials to oneself for purpose of getting more business, but it is part of being responsible and truly making a difference in the lives of the students. With the significant development that comes with getting certified, coaches can understand clients on a much deeper level and apply solutions that will work for them.

Through the services of their company, Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute, Jenn and Carson hope to uplift the standards of the coaching practice and produce more qualified coaching professionals.

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