The University of California Merced: Offering Graduate-Level Degrees in Environmental Systems

January 24 23:09 2022
The University of California Merced: Offering Graduate-Level Degrees in Environmental Systems

Earth is an amazing place. The planet supports countless forms of life, with many not yet being discovered. However, humans continue to do damage to the planet, and scientists cannot say how long it will survive. Individuals who want to protect this amazing place should consider pursuing a graduate-level degree in environmental systems. What do scientists in this field study?


Soil degradation remains a concern today, as it negatively impacts water regulation, nutrient cycling, and carbon sequestration. The degradation of soil plays a role in yield and yield quality as well as planting and harvesting requirements. National food security and self-sufficiency become of concern when soil degradation is present, and men and women pursuing a Ph.D. in Environmental systems may find this is an area they wish to focus on during their career. 


Water continues to have an impact on every aspect of life. Today, individuals across the globe find they lack access to safe water and sanitation. People who pursue a degree in environmental systems may choose to work in this field to ensure everyone has access to these basic necessities. Men and women living in first-world countries might not understand the importance of this, but one in ten people today don’t have safe water for their use while one in four doesn’t have access to basic sanitation. Environmental systems specialists work to change this. 


The climate remains in crisis today. Drought conditions impact food production, flooding spreads diseases, and poor-quality foods lead to limited worker productivity. These serve as only a few of many examples of climate challenges that must be addressed. Graduate programs in Environmental Systems focus on these areas and many more when it comes to the climate, as an occurrence in Africa can have a dramatic impact on life in North America and vice versa. The various parts of the planet intersect with human life in countless ways and environmental systems scientists work to understand the impact of these intersections. 


The global population continues to climb, and developing nations become more industrialized every day. This has led to rising demand for energy. Fossil fuels produce a significant amount of energy consumed today, but those fuels have a negative impact on the environment because they release greenhouse gases. UC Merced graduate programs focused on environmental systems address energy problems being experienced today. Students learn to examine these problems from various angles to find appropriate solutions that provide the energy humans need without doing further damage to the planet. 


Experts warn of the depletion of natural resources today. Humans need more planning to fulfill their needs when it comes to these resources. The industrialization of developing counties adds to the problem, which is of great concern because the use of these resources leads to additional environmental issues. 

Individuals who love this planet and want to ensure its survival should consider pursuing a degree in environmental systems. This degree prepares them to tackle the challenges facing the planet head-on. Learn more today, as this may be the perfect career fit. 

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