Technosocial innovations mass adoption: Trade Union of responsible and effective Micro-influencers

January 14 16:46 2022
Metabook Reputation platform selects Gatekeepers of Trade Union, to share 90% of revenues with creators and influencers. Revenues from emissions of influencers-backed and LifetimeAward-linked NFTs, and from a global agent system, aimed at mass adoption of cost-effective innovations.

Miami, USA – JANUARY 14, 2022 – According to Social Bakers, micro-influencers “boast up to a 60% increased engagement rate compared to macro-influencers.” This is why Metabook Trade Union is offering them the opportunity to become the leaders of digital/ VR / AI-driven economy that is more effective!

Don’t look up movie demonstrated selfish and irresponsible top influencers. Core of Metabook Trade union: selecting responsible influencers for promoting VR/ digital health as a new wealth. 

Health Is the most valuable asset of any person. In conditions of lingering pandemic, billions are looking for cost-effective solutions to stay safe. Metabook partners, Aimedis, first of all, are driving healthspan innovations, by leveraging NFT and blockchain technologies.

For new COVID variants preventions, international health data exchange is crucial, and NFT is instrumental in this connection, as an instant way of secure data exchange, GDPR compliant. Any person might be in the situation of urgent need for ID with his health data available when in another country: data about new drugs trials and knowing side-effects could save life!

LTA for COVID heroes

First challenge Metabook is embracing: Lifetime Award for innovators, in form of NFT sharing revenue with top 100 innovators in health area. LTA is a truly historic launch of tech innovations mass adoption!

Rating of COVID solutions in Lifetime Award program is the first revenue sharing model with influencers and health experts. NFT collection of top 200 Healthspan / COVID innovations will be sold on auction starting March 27.

The Metabook-Aimedis HealthTrust was created as a result of the merger of the assets of 7 organizations: Telewellness, LifetimeAward, Transhumangene, Inmarg, Aimedis, XR Labs, Visual Data Lab, Metabook.

The mission of HealthTrust – Metabook Sharing Economy is Wellness democratization: to make VR and other innovational therapies available to hundreds of millions of people, upgrading mental/physical health. 

Technosocialism movement

Metabook platform is community driven: every aspect of Sharing economy can be changed under the control of our governance Board of Gatekeepers and voted by all. 

Last year, Metabook crossed the threshold of 20 people as core team and approached 350 in the community of Master Backers, future agents of change.  97605 micro-influencers were invited to Waitlist, to be validated and rated. There is the Metabook Trade Union waitlist

First Ranking of Consciousness influencers looks like:

Blockchain innovations for acceleration of Metaverse-related technologies.

Metabook is creating first blockchain mechanism of counting real reputation of influencers, and sharing revenues from digital innovations mass adoption on Metabook – Aimedis platform.

Pandemic-driven network effect:

First adopters of VR/digital health tools will gain momentum.

The demand of billions for digital health and VR edutainment solutions makes new leaders

Metabook has built a unique NFT-integrated mechanism for TRACKING OF PARTNER’S CONTRIBUTION. This way, we make revenue sharing system scaling, as an industry standard. And second breakthrough: our zksync cross-chain toolset for switching game assets and 0% fee on NFT creation are the most attractive on the market!

We are negotiating with two top companies in Metaverse area, after which the community can effectively self-organize in Educational Network. 

Edward Musinski, Metabook founder: “Technosocialism principles, described in new bestselles of our Prime Futurist Brett King, are the core of Metabook Sharing Economy, Especially important factors of understanding the principles of interaction, and responsible influencers identification.

In 6 years of leading projects with co-founders, in Rating, longevity, AI and blockchain, we have clearly understood that Technosocialism is not about digital products and services, but a community of people who equally see what the world should be. People who share the belief that progress is good, if it is axed on Health-Wealth Sharing principles.”

Bruce Jeong, Metabook Chief Officer: “At the moment, Metabook Technosocialism Sharing Economy is introducing a VR health developer company, NFT educational direction, and Reputation platform.   We were able to create a unique culture and community of like-minded people that now create amazing digital products and companies. We are transforming from company to movement. In the coming years, we will be adjusting our ecosystem to more effectively aggregate financial and human resources. We will focus on them to help all creative and talented and suppress all empty and mediocre.”

– Bruce Jeong is The SMART CITY top expert, created in collaboration with Samsung


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