WOR Exhaust Sound System – One of the most worthy upgrade of the year’s automotive software

December 02 00:39 2021

My voice comes from the heart of a man. Men think he is the most beautiful voice. WOR can truly give you 13 kinds of sports car sound system, real, real loud, real restoration. Men have been pursuing speed all their lives, and the wor we give you has always been pursuing the quality of speed. No hardware is needed, and it becomes a sports car in one second. The mobile phone Bluetooth connects to the vehicle, directly reads the speed of the car, and releases oneself to the pursuit of sound as much as possible.

WOR’s loyal Porsche user voice: Men are born for the track, and the sound of WOR13 sports cars makes me satisfied. WOR was born on a race track and rides on the road. Company Profile WOR is a manufacturer of high-quality exhaust sound system products with sports genes. Our voice and technological innovation are widely acclaimed. We focus on the high-performance exhaust sound system of high-end model supercars. Our mission is to provide you, the discerning consumer with a real exhaust system, making every journey of yours an incredible experience.

User Comments:

I have never had such a refreshing feeling. The mobile phone is connected to the car’s Bluetooth, and his shifting logic is so real, and there is even a backlash in the downshift. – Lo BENZ

I have always wanted to drive the Porsche 997 GT3 R, and I just want to hear that sound. I can’t forget it for a long time every time I swipe the video. This time I connected it with FM Bluetooth, it felt too real. The car in hand became a dream car, and my girlfriend said it was pretty dragged. – Hers

It’s too nice to be able to even use CarPlay. It changes directly according to the real-time speed of the vehicle. This is more interesting than changing the exhaust. Anyway, you don’t usually open the valve, just use this. – AMG Group Owner

WOR Exhaust Sound System

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