Most People Don’t Know About Wig Care

December 01 18:28 2021
Most People Don't Know About Wig Care

The use of human hair wigs is very common nowadays, but why some people can use it for several years, while others can’t use it for a month? Wigs, like everything else, require maintenance. How to maintain it correctly?


1. How to protect the scalp when wearing a wig?

After wearing the wig, it is like wearing a thick hat on the head, which makes the scalp heat, and heat is a kind of catalyst, which can promote the metabolism of the scalp. Therefore, the scalp is prone to sweat and secretes more oil and becomes more greasy. For people with a tendency to increase dandruff, wearing a lace front wig will make the symptoms worse. Therefore, it is best to wash your hair once every night to wear a wig to remove the greasy and dirt on the head to protect the scalp and hair clean and hygienic.

2. Wig care tips

1. The wig should not be as close to high temperature as possible, because the material is not resistant to high temperature.

2. The wig can be dyed, but because it is professional, if it needs to be trimmed or dyed, it is recommended to ask a professional stylist to trim it or ask a professional dyer to dye it

3. Generally speaking, wigs need to be washed 1-2 times a week. It can be increased or decreased according to the frequency of wearing

4. Wash in cold or warm water, just use normal shampoo when washing. But in order to give deep care to the hair, it can also be used with conditioner or essential oil.

5. Try not to dry the cleaned wig with high-temperature wind such as a hair dryer. You should use a dry towel to gently absorb the excess water on the wig and then place it in a ventilated and dry place to avoid direct sunlight causing damage to the wig. Then use a curling iron to fix or blow the shape. If you don’t use it often, you can pack it in a plastic bag and seal it for storage.

6. Do not comb the wig immediately after washing, you should wait until the wig is dry before combing

7. Comb with special combs for wigs (available in stores, prices vary) can not be combed with plastic combs

8. No comb is basically used for curly hair. Every time you put on the wig, you can sort the curled place by hand.


9. If the wig has been used for a long time and the knots are not good for combing, please do not pull it forcefully. You should spray the wig with a special non-oily maintenance fluid, and then slowly and carefully brush it from the bottom to middle to the top gently with your love.

10. Be careful not to spray products such as gel water or wax on the wig. These styling agents will make the wig very sticky

11. Using non-oily care fluid for wigs (the method of use is also very simple: just spray a few times on the wig before putting it on) to make the wig soft and shiny and prevent static electricity, so that the wig can be kept moisturized. Just like when I bought it back!

12. The wig can be tied up, but it can’t be tied too high, otherwise your real hair will come out underneath (except for full lace wigs and 360 lace wigs)

13. When combing a longer wig, divide the wig into several lengths, comb it from bottom to top, be light, and be patient

14. It is normal to have a small amount of hair loss during the finishing and wearing process

15. If you don’t usually wear it, put it in the original packaging. When you want to bring it, shake it to restore it to its original shape.

3. If customers go to a wig shop to buy, pay attention to the following points:

1. The size should be appropriate, and whether the position of the sideburns of the wig exactly coincides with your own sideburns.

2. Generally, there are two kinds of wig materials: one is real hair and the other is chemical fiber hair. It is best to choose a headgear made of real hair. For real hair, use natural black hair that has not been dyed.

3. The base of the wig (the bottom layer of machine-made hair) should preferably be a thin fabric with good air permeability and not smooth. The smooth base is not easy to wear firmly on the head. If it is customized or mail order, be sure to attach the head size.

The size of the head shape includes the following main parts.

1. The size from the forehead to the next circle of the occipital bone, where the occipital bone protrudes from the back of the brain. When measuring, it should be positioned at the recessed place under the occipital bone.

2. The length from the root of the forehead to the position under the posterior occiput

3. The length of the upper end of the ears around the top of the head

4. The distance between the forehead and temples

5. Wear a wig at the distance between the hair roots in front of the ears. Wear the wig by yourself in front of the mirror. Hold the hair cover with both hands on the temples. When you start to wear it on your head, you should move a little bit forward. And then press the top with both hands, the hair sleeve is moved back to the proper position.

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