Mobile Escape Pivots from COVID Catastrophe to International Success

November 23 17:57 2021
Brother-in-laws pivot in face of “do or die” business disaster due to COVID shut downs, creating an international success that has sold 30,000+ puzzles worldwide.

NOVEMBER 23, 2021 – When the world came to a grinding halt in spring 2020, brothers-in-law and co-business owners Paul and Eric lost 100% of sales at Mobile Escape, their escape room business, due to COVID regulations—only to pivot and create an escape room in an envelope that has sold more than 30,000 copies in over 20 countries just a year and a half later.

How does one fit an escape room in an envelope?

Since the inception of Mobile Escape in 2016, Paul and Eric have expanded the definition of an escape room quite a bit. Or perhaps a better word would be “condensed”.

Their niche? Bringing the escape room to customers. From custom-built cargo trailers containing single room escape games, to innovative tabletop games, their definition of what it means to “escape” has evolved significantly. Not only that, but the company brings the escape rooms to schools and incorporates age-appropriate curriculum into the puzzle design.

Or at least they did until COVID hit. When the company’s business model was shut down due to restrictions in March 2020, it was “do or die”.

After just a handful of intense days spent brainstorming and researching, the company developed a concept called Escape Mail. The plan? As people worldwide hunkered down to slow the spread of COVID, Escape Mail would bring the wonder of puzzles and escape rooms to them in the comfort—and boredom—of their own homes.

In a matter of weeks, a unique form of entertainment was mailed out across Canada and the globe in the form of an unassuming envelope, weighing just 30 grams or less. Families trapped under one roof and friends separated by COVID restrictions suddenly found their sense of togetherness and wonder awakened as they delved into Escape Mail, an envelope in which everything could be a clue: from the envelope itself, to the contents, as well as the videos, websites and apps that go with each episode.

Kelly, one of tens of thousands of “Escape Mailers”, calls it “by far, the best mailbox puzzle” and another raved that “this was probably the best two hours we have spent together as a family in a long, long time”.

These, among other reasons, are part of why Escape Mail has won multiple industry awards for best tabletop escape game, most recently coming first in Canada Post’s Tales of Triumph awards.

Season 1 of Escape Mail is now available in multiple languages, allowing more people than ever to join in a quest that spans 12 episodes and includes countless hours of puzzling entertainment. Despite the challenges that COVID has thrown at Paul and Eric, they continue to create new games and awaken wonder for people around the world.

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