Michael and Cristina Wilson Joins The Network Lead Exchange Team as they Seek to Foster Networking and Alliances among Small Business Owners

October 13 20:42 2021
Seeing the need to foster networking among business owners in McAllen, Texas, Michael and Cristina Wilson are thrilled to announce that they have purchased a franchise from the Network Lead Exchange

No matter how successful a business is, it cannot reach its full potential without proper networking and communication. Businesses truly become successful when they build strong, sustainable partnerships and create excellent relationships with other business owners, clients, and vendors. However, one of the biggest problems business owners and entrepreneurs face is building networks of influential, like-minded individuals who can help make strides in their businesses.

To help business owners see the need for networking and alliances to pursue business success, the Network Lead Exchange was founded. It is an exclusive membership-based organization for business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals that brings like-minded people together to help support each other to achieve more and refer business opportunities to each other in exchange for a small referral fee.

Seeing the need to replicate the activities of the Network Lead Exchange in their small community in McAllen, Texas, Michael and Cristina Wilson have decided to purchase a franchise that allows them to foster networking among business owners in the community. “The majority of small business owners operate in a silo. When rough waters hit they tend to find it difficult to stay afloat. Business owners that have business alliances tend to weather any storm and have greater success,” explained Michael Wilson.

Over the years, the model for building networks for business owners was by attending business networking events. This traditional business networking method has proven to be ineffective over time, and the new way to build networks is to make business alliances with other like-minded individuals. Moreover, business alliances allow them to share opportunities, resources, solutions to problems and better serve their customers.

The McAllen Network Lead Exchange chapter, hosted by Michael and Cristina Wilson, will meet once in person and once virtually every month. The in-person meeting is a mastermind group meeting where each member has between 5 to 10 minutes to answer the following questions:

  1. What successes have they had in the past month?
  2. What issues are currently experienced, and what solutions do you need?
  3. What does a referral look like?

At the end of each meeting, the answers shared by each member are recorded and documented to ensure that the problems faced are solved. Also, each member is assigned an accountability partner that helps each other achieve set goals.

“I think our chapter is like the big redwood trees that can tower over 300 feet, but their roots grow to only 6 feet deep, but the root grows wide to 100 feet,” asserted Michael. “When a strong storm blows or a powerful wind, the redwoods embrace each other’s roots to withstand the storm. This is what Network Lead Exchange-McAllen is,” he concluded.

For more information and to be a part of Network Lead Exchange, McAllen, please visit www.nlxmcallen.com.

About Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson is the co-founder of Crossroads Academy, Inc., CM Institute of Leadership, and Entrepreneur Power Network (Network Lead Exchange Franchise). He has attained an Associate degree in Business Management, Bachelor degree in Technology Management, Master in Business Administration (MBA) and has been accepted for a Doctoral in Strategic Leadership with Liberty University.

About Christina Solis-Wilson

Cristina Solis-Wilson is a wife, mother, CEO of CM Institute of Leadership, and Co-Founder of Crossroads Academy, Inc. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from The University of Texas-Pan American. In addition, she holds an Associate of Arts degree in Social & Behavioral Sciences and an Associates of Science in Criminal Justice, both from South Texas College.

She is currently a Command Sergeant Major in the Army Reserves and has served in overseas operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait.

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