Longtime Veteran Set to Release New Single for The Masses: Len Mizzoni Enthralls and Enchants with New Release “Autumn Leaves”

September 22 13:09 2021
Longtime Veteran Set to Release New Single for The Masses: Len Mizzoni Enthralls and Enchants with New Release "Autumn Leaves"
Bringing soulful Jazz to a new generation, Len Mizzoni hopes to spark a new interest in the tack, inspiring new audience into the spheres of Jazz and Soul.

Delivering fresh sound to the world of Jazz, the new single by Len Mizzoni, “Autumn Leaves” is sure to leave listeners transfixed.

It is Len’s hope that this contemporary version will revitalize and introduce the jazz classic “Autumn Leaves” to an entirely new generation of listeners.

Len Mizzoni brings a new wave to the genre, as he embarks on the journey of incorporating a contemporary sound into classical styles.

Merging and mixing musical compositions with classical jazz tunes, the talented artist carefully crafts a new mix that is sure to appeal to anyone that comes across it. Anyone listening to “Autumn Leaves” is sure to be enchanted by the track, losing themselves in the magnetic production and musical styles.

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A former member of the Juno award-winning band “Frozen Ghost”, seasoned singer-songwriter Len Mizzoni hails from King City in Ontario. Len Mizzoni has had numerous years of experience in the industry, continually evolving and adapting his musical styles and sensibilities.


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