Cuban Origin Entrepreneur Brandon Rangel Shares the Broke-to-Riches Story Behind His Two Self-Owned Businesses

June 14 09:04 2021
Cuban Origin Entrepreneur Brandon Rangel Shares the Broke-to-Riches Story Behind His Two Self-Owned Businesses

Brandon Rangel is among the youngest entrepreneurs to own and run two businesses. Brandon is the founder of Starke E-commerce and BMO Academy. At a young age, he has learned valuable lessons from the business world, deploying them into his own companies with great outcomes. 

Through Starke E-Commerce Brandon helps generate a passive income for many people in the United States through platforms like Amazon and Walmart. This is a risk-free opportunity for people who want to invest their money.BMO Academy is a training center where Rangel mentors people on how to make money by teaching them the semantics of Forex and how to run drop-shipping stores.

Born in Miami, Florida, Brandon is an ambitious individual who does not believe in giving up. He firmly believes that there is nothing impossible in this world and that one should always learn from the past. He has numerous students whom he has mentored assuring them that it is not impossible to be successful and reach their goals.

Brandon’s career reveals the distance he has traveled since he graduated from the University of Central Florida with an Undergraduate Certification in Logistics Industry/Freight Broker. In 2016, he became a freight broker and went on to own a nationwide trucking company. In the meanwhile, he had also learnt the ropes of forex trading. After losing his trucking company due to liabilities, he resumed forex trading and started an e-commerce firm. Mentoring was the next step with BMO academy.

I chose Forex and E-commerce as my main source of income due to one important aspect; it has no liability. I personally experienced loses, I lost my trucking company, and I learned that businesses with much liability are really just a complete risk no matter how you may look at it. I chose Forex and E-commerce because this is something you may pursue from absolutely anywhere and everywhere,” says Brandon.

With his two firms, Brandon wants to send out the message that anyone can start earning passive or residual income. All it takes is maintaining an open mind, and not giving up when things do not work. As for failures, Brandon lost his trucking company and was completely broke. In the end, he wants to be known for the guy who comes from Cuban immigrant parents and is here making things possible. Brandon finally wants to help others do the same and be successful in the same way that he is.

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