HBO/Cinemax’s Forbidden Science Series Creator, Doug Brode, To Release Debut Sci-Fi Horror Book, ‘The Ship’

June 10 12:02 2021
HBO/Cinemax's Forbidden Science Series Creator, Doug Brode, To Release Debut Sci-Fi Horror Book, ‘The Ship’

By offering a fresh, scientific look at the sci-fi and horror tropes of the 1980’s/90’s, Doug Brode, brings sci-fi lovers his debut novel, The Ship. The book which is a modern spin on UFO’s, flying saucers, alien abduction, and shadowy government conspiracies is scheduled to be released fully on Friday, the 11th of June.  Besides being the creator of HBO/Cinemax’s sexy sci-fi series, Forbidden Science which is currently airing on Amazon Prime, Doug Brode has also been a storyboard/conceptual artist on such popular films as Star Trek, Iron Man, Thor, Looper, Van Helsing, Planet of the Apes, MIB: International, among many others.

Doug Brode’s The Ship takes place deep within snow-crested mountains, nine thousand feet above the lumber town of Blackwood, Oregon. Along the rocky hillside, a vessel has arrived. It is a craft of enormous dimensions, covering the mountainous peak. Yet, the ground beside it remains undisturbed. Not a single pine tree broken. Not a sound to be heard. Inside the craft, however, things are not as quiet. A young waitress, Casey Stevens, awakens after having mysteriously vanished from Blackwood thirty-five years earlier. And she is not alone. Navigating inverted tunnels, she’s plagued by ghostly apparitions from her past and stalked by a ravenous alien experiment gone horribly wrong. When Casey discovers her own body is changing—becoming blotched with grey, scaly patches—she fears she may face the same fate as the once-human creature that now hunts her. With The Ship, debut author Doug Brode takes his readers across the universe and offers a spellbinding thriller which answers, once and for all, the startling truth about alien abduction, UFOs, and long-hidden government secrets. The truth is not what you think.

In this book, Alien Sky Publishing resurrects the monsters in the dark thrillers and shadowed-government conspiracy tales that many people grew up in within the 1980s and ’90s. By taking the images of yesterday and adding a fresh coat of modern scientific theory, Alien Sky endeavors to bring its readers engrossing science fiction and horror with a 21st Century edge. In their words, ‘‘Our debut novel, The Ship, is only the beginning.’’

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