Aohi releases Magcube 30w, the world’s smallest 30w USB-C GaN PD charger

June 10 06:45 2021

Charging industry develops rapidly recently due to the application of GaN technology. Charging devices currently can balance the wattage and volume. Meanwhile, Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi announced to remove the power adapter from package kit recently. We believe that more accessory brands will join them in the future. This increases the demand of charger. More people pay their attentions to charger options now.

At present, chargers that applied GaN technology are mainly focusing on 20w, 65w and 100w. There is only a few choice for 30w. However 30w charger is more comparable and convenient as it can support telephone, ipad and laptop when comparing with 20w charger.

Aohi Magcube 30w- Worlds Smallest 30W Charger

Recently Aohi Magcube 30w is released, which is expected as the world’s smallest 30w charger and will fill the mini charger market gap.

Aohi is the new smart brand of Aohai technology (Aohai). As the core charger partner of many global well-known brands, such as Google, Amazon, Belkin, vivo, Xiaomi, OPPO, DJI, ASUS, Nokia etc, Aohai is the first company to announce IPO in charging industry(stock code: 002993). Backed by Aohai’s strong capabilities and innovation, Aohi will provide complementary and valued added smart devices, services and solutions to charging industry. 

How Small the Magcube is

A comparison with other best-selling small chargers is made to show how small the Magcube 30W is. Magcube 30W absolutely stands out. When in the same size, Magcube reaches 30 watts while 20w for the others. When in the same 30 wattage, Magcube is much smaller than others.

As known, many people prefer Apple 5w charger because of small and portable features. Dramatically Aohi achieves 30 watts in exactly the same size.

Exquisite Appearance Design

Magcube 30w adopts abrasive design to make it more durable and round corners to ensure perspective and soft touch. The charger has a stunning surface with CNC and precision carved diamond vein design, which makes it highly recognized. There is also an extra metallic port to ensure longer lifespan. Magcube perfectly combines stylish design and prestige texture.

Many charger brand hardly make efforts in appearance design except updating the case color. Aohi Magcube really did a great job in this part. Elegant and prestige, Aohi Magcube 30w is expected to be the top exquisite and stunning charger in 2021.

Convenient Indicator Light

Aohi successfully made an indicator light to check different charging status in such a mini charger.

Amber light for fast charging status;

Solid blue light for standard charging status;

Solid green light for trickle charging status;

There is none light pollution in the dark since it has matte treatment in surface to keep light evenly. It is so convenient to see the charging status. It is so convenient to see the charging status.

In addition, Aohi Magcube’s notable product performance test includes:

Charger Protocols

According to Power-Z testing data, Magcube supports Apple 2.4, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP, SCP, QC3.0 and PD3.0, and supports 5V/3A、9V/2.22A、9V/2.77A、15V/2A、20V/1.5 and PPS 3A.

Step Voltage Test

The step voltage test of Magcube 30w starts at 9V, the maximum output is 8.51V/3.53A, 30W, and the overall curve is linearly smooth. At 15V, the maximum output is 14.62V/2.3A, 33.6W with smooth voltage and current. At 20V, the maximum output is 19.74V/1.5A, 29.6W, still with smooth voltage and current.

Full Load Test

The 30w full load test is done for 30 minutes, with 20V/1.5A output. As seen, the voltage and current keep almost stable except for some losses of the transferred load and ammeter. 

During the whole progress, the surface temperature is measured at 55.2°C. This temperature is much lower than some of the 20w or 30w chargers. Aohi really did an amazing job to achieve heat dissipation in such a small size and high watt density.

Magcube uses the chip of Power Integrations, which is Apple’s original supplier. The model is PI INN3379C which adopts PowiGan technology. PI is the best chip supplier for now.

Compatibility Test

Several popular devices are tested to check the compatibility, here is the detailed reports.

Don’t shoot butterfly with rifles. There is no need to require 65w charger for many laptops. When under low or middle load status, 30w charger works well for laptop charging. Take Huawei Matebook 13 as example, with 65w charger, it takes 120 minutes to fully charge. With 30w charger, it takes 140 minutes to fully charge.

Generally speaking, for fast charging in a short time, 65w charger works better than 30w charger. However small size and light weight matters more for a business travel.

Final Thoughts

Outside of the stellar build quality, PI chipset, convenient indicator light, good performance and compatibility, the biggest draw of Magcube will likely be the ultra-mini size. Aohi Magcube 30w is the genuine world’s smallest 30w PD charger. Aohi audaciously challenges expectations and pushes charging limits.

Review by Shansheng

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