Leading UK HR Outsourcing Consultancy Prepares For Increased Demand In Outsourced HR, Employment Law, And Health & Safety Consulting Services

June 09 17:51 2021
Leading UK HR Outsourcing Consultancy Prepares For Increased Demand In Outsourced HR, Employment Law, And Health & Safety Consulting Services
The Health & Safety, HR, and Employment Law expert is looking forward to making a difference in the workplace.

Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services anticipates a strong demand in Outsourced HR consulting and health and safety consultancy. An increase in demand is seen as businesses start to reopen and workplaces, as well as operations, return to normal.

What Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services Does

Now more than ever, business owners need the peace of mind of knowing that their internal procedures are robust and their businesses are fully compliant with UK laws, and this is where Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services can help. 

“We protect business owners and their employees with our professional outsourced HR, employer-focused employment law advice, and H&S consulting services”, Managing Director Chris Garner says.

Employee management and compliance issues tend to slow down and hinder business growth, as the attention of the business owner is diverted. Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services takes away the task of handling these issues so business owners can instead focus on what really matters, which is increasing the profitability of the business.

The pandemic has brought with it a whole host of employee wellbeing and mental health issues. The Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services dedicated team of HR advisors, legal advocates, barrister trained solicitors and health and safety experts have worked tirelessly over the pandemic to support clients and their employees.

A Role In Lessening Instances Of Tribunal Cases

Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services play a vital role in greatly reducing the likelihood of employee grievances ever occurring or worsening.

‘The implementation of robust human resources and health & safety processes into a business will ensure that day-to-day people management issues are dealt with correctly, and thus rarely develop into anything serious,’ Garner states.

Employee/employer tribunal cases have been exponentially on the rise since the UK Government scrapped the fee scheme in 2017, allowing employees to file a lawsuit against employers free of charge. This has encouraged lots of employees to sue employers, resulting in an overwhelming amount of employee claims in court.

For any business owner, dealing with a tribunal claim is an extremely stressful and time-consuming experience. It’s a complicated process and it requires a great deal of time to be spent filling out forms and preparing documentation for the trial.

‘It’s commonplace for businesses to lose cases simply because they failed to follow the correct procedure. The employee is treated as the victim by the court and if the employer cannot demonstrate they followed the law at every stage, then regardless as to what’s fair the employee will win the trial,’ Joy Gateley, Head of Service at Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services relates.

Handling Court Cases

In the event that the employees take their grievances to court, the legal team of Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services will be responsible for dealing with the matter from start to finish. Should such situations arise, the legal team will be at the employers’ disposal at no extra cost.

‘Furthermore, as long as our client has followed our advice and guidance throughout, then we will cover the cost of a negative outcome at the tribunal,’ Gateley states.

Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services is an award-winning outsource HR and employment law, health & safety consultancy, with offices in Manchester and London. The company aims to protect and safeguard businesses and employers across the UK by ensuring their businesses are in line with the law. From contractual implementation to training and preventative solutions, Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services will guide companies so they will always have complete protection within employment law and health & safety.

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