Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc. Offers Scrap Metal Recycling in Chicago

May 11 21:54 2021
Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc. Offers Scrap Metal Recycling in Chicago
Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc. provides scrap metal recycling services for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials in the Chicagoland, IL area. Made up of a highly qualified team of scrap metal recycling experts, the businesses of the Chicago area have an experienced and knowledgeable place to rely on. GMR buys ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals useful for developing and maintaining the highest industry standards. As a company, they are committed to protecting the environment.

Chicago, IL – Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc. is a leader in the Scrap metal recycling industry. It partners with area businesses to offer solutions for scrap metal recycling.  

It is the longstanding commitment of Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc. to build knowledge useful for the development and maintenance of industry standards. The company does this by reorganizing the recycling process for local businesses and upholding the highest standards, we are doing our best to care for our neighbors and our planet.

Made up of a team of highly qualified professionals, the company is committed to offering free scrap audits and consultations to ensure that their clients get the most from recycling. The team also prides itself on being efficient and client-oriented by taking care of every step of the process from scheduling to sending clients their payments. 

As a U.S recycling company, Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc. is committed to protecting the environment and helping manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint. Their free scrap audit helps to identify materials that clients can recycle and save from landfills. The company also goes the extra mile to ensure that all of the scrap metal goes to good use by streamlining the process for local businesses and upholding standards. 

Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc. recycles most scrap metals, including Recycling Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap MetalsFerrous metals they recycle include heavy melt, stainless steel, carbon steel, and much more. For non-ferrous metals, Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc. recycles the A-Z metals, from Aluminum to Zinc. Additionally, the team offers pickup services, which they don’t charge for scrap metal handling equipment.  Clients can enjoy this service and get to schedule a pickup for a one-time service, or the company arranges for the service as needed. 

Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc. believes that community support and involvement are just as important as the services they provide. This is why the team is committed to partnering and supporting local events and programs all over the Chicago area. Some of the organizations they have supported over the years include: St. Baldricks Foundation, Make a wish foundation, St.Judes Children Hospital, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and many more. 

From the glowing reviews of the past clients of Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc., they have earned the reputation of being the go-to scrap metal recycling company in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Greenway Metal Recycling, Inc. is located at 901 North Kilpatrick Ave., Chicago, IL 60651, US. For scrap metal recycling solutions, contact their team by calling 773-558-2216 to get a quote. For additional information regarding the scrap metal recycling services they offer, or their pickup services, visit

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