Entertainment Mogul Cutty’s Book “How To Become The Perfect Artist” Reaches Heights By Going The #1 New Release On Amazon In Just 24 Hours

May 04 13:30 2021
Cutty TV is a New Jersey-based entertainment network. The owner is a music tycoon Cutty who wrote his book to assist independent artists in becoming better musicians and making better decisions while pursuing their dreams of becoming the perfect artist.

United States – One of the most flourishing yet challenging fields today is the Entertainment industry. Individuals who want to succeed in the booming market need to be vigilant enough to seek the perfect guidance from those already in the field. The problem with artists today is that they do not know how to kickstart their careers in the music industry. Based on a YouTube series on Cutty TV, the newly released handbook by expert musician Cutty, “How To Become The Perfect Artist” stands the honor to become the number 1 new release within 24 hours!

The author has gathered everything he has learned on his own in the music industry and combined it for indie artists who are looking for the answers. His popular and record-setting book “How To Become The Perfect Artist” is based on his YouTube series “How To Become The Perfect Artist” which aided thousands of independent artists worldwide. He even managed to put up five billboards in Las Vegas, New Jersey, and Philadelphia for the book. 

Moreover, the book has also debuted at #3 on the best sellers list for conducting music. Cutty TV has also created the Cutty Card in 2020 for people who want to exchange details by tapping a card on the back of their phones. It aims to enhance companies, helping them grow.

Entertainment Mogul Cutty is from New Jersey, where he was born and raised. His love of music extends well beyond his work. He founded his company in Edgewater Park, New Jersey, in 2015, when his younger brother got accused of murder at the age of 16 and got sent to jail. Cutty was inspired to start a company that would keep kids off the streets and educates them through music. Cutty has collaborated with hundreds of artists since then, including Tayroc, Lil Mop Top, E-Ness, and others. Cutty has appeared on Yahoo, Fox News, Genius, and in the mobile app game “Everybody Beefs” and having his company nominated for an award in 2018. In 2019, he signed a contract in Philadelphia that taught him a lot about the music business. After losing both his mother and father in 2019, he was more centered than ever in 2020, appearing on three television shows and receiving a billboard in Los Angeles, California. 

Since Cutty’s business got based on his younger brother’s imprisonment at the age of 16, he thinks youth should get another chance in life. Therefore, he plans on donating books to the younger part of the population. The book is for independent artists who want to sharpen their skills or learn something new. It is a step-by-step guide to breaking into and surviving the music industry. The book went famous over the night because it provides the necessary measures one needs to take to make it to the top.

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