Shushu Entertainnment expands horizons and steps into spiritual arts

December 03 13:06 2020
Shushu Entertainnment expands horizons and steps into spiritual arts
A breakthrough acquisition for a prominent talent shop

LOS ANGELES, CA – DECEMBER 3, 2020 – It would not come as a surprise to anyone that the promised land of La La is swarmed by amazing talent from the world over, and that the mythological Hollywood will never cease to draw the very best out there to showcase their skills and make it “big”. But who really runs the show business and how does an aspiring talent really get the gig – is the million-dollar question. And the answer is quite simple – a good manager who knows the right people and who can make the dots connected. And while the agent stays in the shades of glory, one of the top-rated talent management and production companies, “Shushu Entertainment”, is going all out with its totally new expansion plans – the spiritual art.

“Being in business for over a decade we have represented top talent and a so-called A list actors in major Hollywood productions, however, what makes us different from every other shop like that? A new niche in entertainment for us is the spiritual art.” – says Mr. Kochlani, a founder of Shushu Entertainment and an award-winning talent agent.

“We have recently signed a contract with a major European film star, Ms. Ekaterina Melnik, who, having become one of the most sought-after actresses, has switched gears and is focused on combining her acting with her spiritual teaching and practices. We at Shushu believe this to be an entirely new world full of opportunities and exciting prospects.”

Ms. Melnik is an internationally acclaimed actress and a spiritual coach. Hailing from her native Russia, she has graced the largest of cinema screens in her homeland and the former Soviet bloc, she is an author of a unique spiritual technique and methodology, a successful writer, and a winner of the “Psychologist of the Year” award in 2019.

As the agency is en route to broadening its horizons, Mr. Kochlani is currently in negotiations in preparation for a national spiritual educational US tour for Ms. Melnik as well as preproduction of a new reality show dedicated to spiritual education and acting, the unique combination, exploring how the art of acting may lead you to “take off the acting mask” and see through one’s true inner self. A major film production and distribution company has already expressed its interest in the acquisition of rights to the reality show.

In order to truly make it happen, Shushu Entertainment has joined forces with one of the world-leading event producers, who specializes in spiritual education tours and event organization. Mr. Sadokhov has earned his international reputation by being the man behind “Satya Das”, the most successful and popular spiritual coach in Ukraine. Mr. Sadokhov will join the Shushu Entertainment team as a producer for Ms. Melnik and will take on the entire organization of Ms. Melnik’s upcoming events.

“This is a completely new and unexplored niche of entertainment, and we are excited to step into these unchartered waters, armed with the top-notch professionals, which will lead us to become not only one of the top talent management firms not only “when your TV is on but also when it’s off.” – Guy Kochlani, CEO of Shushu Entertainment

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