Companies Take Advantage of EATEL Business’s Managed Network Services

November 24 20:09 2020
Companies Take Advantage of EATEL Business's Managed Network Services

When it comes to outsourcing any type of service, the top benefit is clear – someone else performs a task better than the person can themselves – and usually, they do it for a more affordable price. This is especially the case for managed network services, like the ones provided by EATEL Business.

The more time a business spends handling IT issues in-house, the less time there is to plan for future work or to work on projects that add value to the business. Keep reading to learn about the specific benefits offered by managed network services, like the ones provided by

Improved Security

Cybercriminals are not going to stop their efforts any time soon. Even a non-technical chemical can outsource ransomware through the “Deep or Dark web.” With managed services, the network is monitored non-stop. Updates and patches will be applied quickly, and unexpected events will be found and handled quickly. This helps to prevent more serious problems or issues from arising.

Top-of-the-Line Technology for an Affordable Price

With a managed network service, businesses have access to more resources than they would without these services. The experts and software available are top-notch, which means that the business can run more effectively and efficiently. All this is possible with a service provider like

No Need to Worry About Hiring New IT Talent

When it comes to a business’s cybersecurity, there is a lot of talent out there. However, having to bring people in-house to handle this process is expensive, and as a result, not something most businesses want to deal with. By hiring a managed service provider, this is a non-issue, as the talent is hired by the third-party company. This gives small businesses access to more tools and high-level software than they would have access to otherwise.

An Established Strategy for IT Needs

The virtual element of the managed network service provider will help to identify what is needed to support the business on an ongoing basis. This eliminates the last-minute scramble to try and put the needed infrastructure in place, which is usually ineffective and not sufficient to meet the needs of the business.

Effective Data Backups

Data backup is a business’s last line of defense when it comes to the fight against ransomware. Unfortunately, it is something that many smaller IT teams struggle with due to a lack of time and expertise. However, with the right managed network service partner, a business can have confidence their data will be available when they need it.

Increased Focus

When someone owns a business, they do not want to worry that the business will “go down” because of extensive downtime. Unfortunately, with a minimal or non-existent IT staff, this may happen. However, with the services of a managed service provider, business owners and employees can focus on business growth rather than trying to handle IT emergencies.

Remember, to achieve all the benefits mentioned here, it is necessary to find and hire the right managed network service provider. While this may seem difficult, taking the time to do so will pay off.

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