Award-winning artist, Zimei, drops her highly anticipated book “The tale of two kingdoms”

October 29 00:08 2020
Popular Chinese artist and musician Zimei has published her book, titled “The tale of two kingdoms”, the top choice for every book lover around the world

Zimei has just launched an amazing book titled “The tale of two kingdoms”. The tale of two kingdoms tells a story of two rabbit kingdoms, Holland Lop and Dwarf Hotot, whose peaceful coexistence was torn apart by war. This war caused by love affected the inhabitants of both kingdoms and a young Dwarf Hotot rabbit seemed to find herself in the middle of this war. To the king of one of the kingdoms, the young Dwarf Hotot rabbit is a weapon of revenge to the other, a daughter. Only this young Dwarf Hotot rabbit can bring the peace longed for, and it’s all up to the young Dwarf Hotot rabbit to make the right choice.

The novel uses rabbits as the characters but in a real sense describes the act of kindness, forgiveness, friendship, and true love in human coexistence. It also gives a vast knowledge about the life and nature of rabbits, how they care for each other and how their works are done. It talks about how the nature and virtue of these rabbits when applied to human existence can help bring peaceful coexistence among humans. It also teaches the key virtues that help people survive and scale through this world.

Zimei, the author, is a professional artist and musician for over 20 years who has accomplished multiple extraordinary awards. From various solo art exhibitions to receiving a Gold Medal Award for the best “Original Work” in the “International Asian Patent Exhibitions Fair” in 2002. Later on in 2007 she was titled “World Outstanding Chinese Artist” by International Chinese Artists Society. Her original work was awarded a special golden trophy.

Zimei’s goal is to present and bring more positive things to people’s lives, such as kindness, gratitude, joy, and cherish of the world’s exemplary life and beauty.

Zimei immigrated to California as an “Extraordinary Ability” artist in 2010 and has been established to many as a Chinese artist. However, she has not been limited to the national artistic field. Asides from music and art Zimei has done many write-ups including “The Season of the Cherry Blossom”, “The Shiny Memory”, “My Mother” and many more.

Zimei’s The Tale of Two Kingdoms is not just for the younger ones, it is for every individual who sees reading as a means of experiencing new worlds and exploring different ideologies.

This amazing book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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