UV-C DISINFECTION – THE TRUTH a public service announcement by uvFreshr

October 22 00:15 2020
UV-C DISINFECTION - THE TRUTH a public service announcement by uvFreshr
Pick a uv sanitizer light that works and what you need to look for in one.

With shortages in disinfectant sprays and wipes, many of us have sought alternative effective disinfection methods to keep ourselves infection free. “Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is an established means of disinfection and can be used to prevent the spread of certain infectious diseases. Low-pressure mercury (Hg) discharge lamps are commonly used in UVGI applications”

There’s been a plethora of UV light sanitizers in various shapes, sizes and forms hitting the market. While a couple of good options exist, there’s many a sheep in wolves clothing. With questionable claims of 99.99% disinfection and blatant counterfeit LEDs, The FDA and EPA are awakening to the need for regulation and are being increasingly vigilant to unscrupulous product claims.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief roundup of what you need to know, what you should look for and a recommendation.

Disinfection % claims:

The difference between killing 99.9% & 99.99%. If there’s 1,000,000 germs on a surface, 99.9% means 1000 germs remain whereas 99.99% means 100 remain and 99.999% means 10 germs out of 1,000,000 remain on the surface.. That’s a huge difference isn’t it? When shopping, look for 3rd party validated lab results.

Note: One thing to know is regardless of what you use, soap, disinfectant spray/wipe or a uvc light, disinfection takes time. You may be surprised to learn that hidden in the fine print of your favorite disinfection spray or wipes is the fact that you “must leave the surface visibly wet for 2-4 minutes for disinfection”. Bet you didn’t know that, did ya? Similarly your UVC device must be held steady for a few minutes if you want proper disinfection.

Lighting technology:

There are two types to choose from, Bulbs vs LEDS. The LED’s are easy to understand since we all have been buying LED lights for variety of lighting uses in our homes, but UV-C LEDs are very different. At first, they may seem like a better option but peel the layer of “newness” and you quickly learn, that they are effective only within a small range of a few inches. Low pressure mercury Bulbs offer greater range and intensity and have a tried and tested history.


Testing of our uvFreshr Germ by the University of Guelph in Canada, resulted in a 99.9999% reduction of E.coli and S.aureus bacteria from a distance of 14 inches(1.17ft) in just ONE 15 minute cycle! With a range of up to 6 feet, a built in Motion sensor, a battery that lasts for a week, and programmable options allowing you to set your cycle time, cycle duration and number of times a day you’d like the cycle to repeat, make the GERM one of the most well thought through and effective ways to remain germ free throughout the day bar none.

Check us out, your safety is our priority!

Ref: Public Health Rep. 2010 Jan-Feb; 125(1): 15–27.doi: 10.1177/003335491012500105

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