New novel “The Knowing” by Jeanne Selander Miller is released, the third book of the Full Circle Trilogy about past lives, planetary crisis, and discovering who to trust

October 07 10:42 2020
New novel "The Knowing" by Jeanne Selander Miller is released, the third book of the Full Circle Trilogy about past lives, planetary crisis, and discovering who to trust

“The Knowing” by Jeanne Selander Miller has been released worldwide. This 263-page novel is the follow up to The Seer” and “The Seeker,” the final installment of the Full Circle Trilogy. The conflicts from the previous books culminate as characters discover betrayal, take on new responsibilities, and fight to save their country – and the planet. 

The Knowing (ISBN: 9781735691015) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $14.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram. 

From the back cover: 

Sweden 2035: Nationalism is on the rise as long-held values erode. 

Saga’s mother begins to suffer the irreversible effects of dementia and Saga must assume leadership of her family’s business. Has Saga’s appointment been approved because the board believes she is capable or only capable of being manipulated? 

Saga moves between her past and current lives as she struggles with shifting alliances and competing agendas, urgently attempting to put together the disparate pieces of this puzzle. People from her past also inhabit the present, each playing a part as the conflict widens and the stakes become higher. 

Saga finds herself in the center of a dangerous international conspiracy that threatens the family business, the indigenous Sámi people, the ancient migratory path of the reindeer, the safety and security of her country, and the survival of Mother Earth. 

Who will come to her aid when all avenues to a resolution are blocked by her evil adversary stalking her from lifetime to lifetime? Saga must distinguish who she can trust from those who are intent on doing her harm. 

Is this the ultimate conflict she has prepared for throughout the trials and tribulations of all her incarnations?

About the author: 

The Full Circle Trilogy started with questions – What would reincarnation and karma look like in a world where people were raised with a completely different mindset and understanding of how life works? And what if we could remember all the lessons we learned in other lifetimes? 

An internationally acclaimed author, Jeanne has also written a trilogy of memoirs awarded the Best Spiritual Book at the London Book Festival and Honorable Mentions at the Paris International Book Festival and the New York Book Festival. In her first novel, Privileged, Jeanne reveals truths about life in college prep school and shines a bright light on the grim underbelly accompanying such privilege. 

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