Andrew Cassimaty, Author Of “Life Is Sales, The Rest Is Detail,” On How To Have Success Both Personally And Professionally

October 06 13:45 2020

Australia native, Andrew Cassimaty, is a career real estate agent, business owner, author, father, and philanthropist. Growing up in a working-class family in the Melbourne suburbs, Cassimaty was no stranger to hard work. At just 12 years old, he already had his first job, loading and unloading trucks for a shoe company located at the Dandenong Market. It was within this position that a discarded shoe line proved to be his very first sales opportunity. Cassimaty had noticed the box of a discontinued line of ladies shoes collecting dust and becoming increasingly damaged in the back of the truck and persuaded his boss to allow him to shirk (skip) school for the day and attempt to sell the unwanted shoes. Fortunately, his boss agreed, and when Cassimaty succeeded in selling the shoes, his passion for sales was ignited. Over the next few years and through various sales positions, he furthered his education and continued to explore sales until he began his career as a Real Estate agent in the late 1990’s. 

According to Cassimaty, Real Estate is the epitome of all he loves about sales. The opportunity to work one-one with clients in finding their dream home is an unmatched gift. With over 2 decades of experience in the industry, few agents know the area in and around the city of Casey better than Cassimaty. Hence, he is able to provide clients with the best possible advice and resources. Today, Cassimaty operates Harcourts Real Estate Cranbourne sales and property management division and personally continues listing and selling properties alongside his successful team in Cranbourne, Victoria. 

When COVID-19 rocked the nation, Cassimaty welcomed the opportunity to pivot and adapt to this “new normal” of doing business. Victoria is host to some of the world’s strictest rules and regulations enforced as a result of the pandemic. Fortunately for Cassimaty, he has spent his career developing the skills, mental mindset, and abilities to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. While the recent months have not been without challenge, Cassimaty credits a series of strategic mindset practices to his success. 

These same strategies, coupled with years of learning, serve as the inspiration behind Cassimaty’s new book, “Life is Sales, the Rest is Detail.” The book is filled with strategic practices and advice on how to cut through the noise and avoid being bogged down by detail in order to get to the end result, also known as, “The Close.” The book is applicable to all and is certainly not exclusive to those involved in real estate or sales. Rather, Cassimaty wrote the book for anyone interested in improving themselves both professionally and personally. Cassimaty is confident that with the right mindset, anyone can improve themselves and achieve success. 

“Not all humans are blessed with a positive mental mindset, it’s natural to have days, sometimes even longer, where everything seems to weigh you down, there are always ways to move forward. One of these is mental mapping, by mastering the skills of mental mapping you can set yourself up to defy the odds. We only tap into 40% of our brain, imagine the possibilities if you could tap into an additional 10% or even 30% of your mind’s potential…” shares Cassimaty. 

Cassimaty provides readers with the steps to begin the process of mental mapping alongside a host of other tools meant to prepare individuals to succeed both in and outside of the workplace. The importance of a mental toolbox is paramount. Armed with the proper attitude, vision, and a position of gratitude and humility, individuals will be capable of extending beyond their comfort zone to think bigger and achieve greater. 

When approaching any new sale, transaction, or business opportunity, Cassimaty advises taking the following, what he refers to as the surgeon approach: Analyze, Diagnose, and Prescribe. Start by analyzing the situation by actively listening and utilizing selective questioning in order to best understand the client’s needs. Next, the salesperson should diagnose the matter at hand. This is often where rejection may surface, but if the salesperson has properly analyzed the situation, they will know how to pivot and respond. The diagnosis should pinpoint exactly where help can be given and solutions may be implemented. Lastly, after proper analysis and diagnosis have been performed, the salesman is ready to prescribe a suggestion. This crucial final phase relies on the salesperson’s ability to “cut through the fluff”  and tuning out meaningless, and distracting details. 

For more practical tips and strategies on how to unlock one’s potential and win in life, look for Andrew Cassimaty’s book, “Life is Sales, the Rest is Detail,” available in both print, ebook, and audio versions in early October. 

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