Nebula Media Group Now Offering Customized Digital Accessibility Solutions for ADA & WCAG Compliance

October 06 10:03 2020
Nebula Media Group Now Offering Customized Digital Accessibility Solutions for ADA & WCAG Compliance
Nebula Media Group offers businesses customized digital accessibility solutions for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) through an integrated people + software approach. The company offers protection against digital accessibility lawsuits while creating a better user experience that opens the business up online to users of all abilities. Nebula makes achieving digital accessibility and compliance easier for their clients.

Philadelphia, PA – Nebula Media Group is offering customized digital accessibility solutions in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). They cover everything from website accessibility to document and content accessibility. They also carry out manual testing and remediation for internet users who are disabled and offer the right web accessibility services based on the business and their specific needs.

The number of accessibility lawsuits filed from 2018-2020 has shot up massively when compared to previous years. As evident, thousands of businesses have long suffered from various problems with website and content accessibility. Especially during these times, it is best to work with a company like Nebula Media Group, which can offer the right protection to companies in order to protect them from different accessibility lawsuits and showcase their brand as inclusive to all users.

One of the company’s key spokesmen was quoted as saying, “We believe that most digital companies are in need of the right accessibility solution that could sort out and manage digital accessibility for them. We have been in this line of business for far too long and have seen far too many companies get caught with an inaccessible digital presence for all users. We want to help these companies and protect them. The right accessibility solution can help them handle these issues quickly and effectively and let the business focus on their core operations.”

With the right assistance, businesses will be able to prosper because it gives them the edge to work on their business rather than worrying about meeting compliance, losing money, and hurting their reputation on the basis of lawsuits. Nebula Media Group’s team has over 20 years of combined experience in this field, and their accessibility expertise makes them a name to reckon with.

Accessibility 101 Course

To help decision-makers learn what they need to do to become accessible and compliant, Nebula Media Group has created a free course and email series called Accessibility 101, which is now available at

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Nebula Media Group delivers customized digital accessibility compliance solutions for websites, documents, and content at all price points to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Nebula Media Group provides the best digital accessibility solutions for your business and organization, from building a new accessible website from the ground up to the industry’s only customized and fully managed compliance service.

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