What To Do With An Engagement Ring After A Divorce?

October 05 22:48 2020

Life has various ups and downs that we can never imagine. If you discover yourself with a ring that you no longer need, we have some guidelines to assist you throughout the procedure. You are not alone. Many people are wondering what to do with their engagement ring after a separation or a divorce. There are various accessible options, and it is all about selecting the right one for yourself.

In this post, we will take a closer look at the resale value and selling the engagement ring or a wedding ring after a divorce. So, if you are someone planning to sell your engagement ring, this post is for you.

What To Do With Your Engagement Ring After A Divorce?

If the diamond ring is sitting at the end of the closet or resting in a drawer, collecting dust and debris, and spreading poor energy, how can you trade it for something better or what options you have to deal with? Some ideas: 

Reuse the diamond into another jewelry piece- like a right-hand ring or a bracelet pendant. But, let’s face reality; it will still be the same stone full of the same memories. 

Persevere in to give to your kids (but are they going to accept the ring from a destined relationship in divorce? )

Best of all, Sell it.

Where To Sell Your Engagement Ring

Yelp or Google search will take you to various options of selling your engagement ring or trading it for the highest amount- both jewelers, dealers, pawnshops, estate jewelry stores, auction stores, or online jewelry buying spaces. But, after researching this nice for years, I am sure that you get the best possible and highest price for your jewelry pieces if you sell your item to a reliable online jewelry buyer. 

Consider it: the widespread internet has an advanced competition level that convinces online jewelry buyers to offer trustworthy and honest service. And while there are specific quality shops of local jewelry buyers, there are basically very few jewelry buyers in each society. Moreover, selling your jewelry implies that you don’t need to leave your home, bargain with the buyers, or go through the procedure full of hassle.

Where To Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring

If you have a luxury diamond ring that can be sold for around $1000 or more, sell it at Gray & Sons. Usually, a diamond of a minimum of 0.5 carats and of average quality is worth that amount. The jewelry evaluation of Gray & Sons will immediately help you understand the worth of your diamond ring. 

Moreover, rings with the little diamond edition, with good quality, can also be sold to Gray & Sons. Thus, if you own an engagement ring, which is no longer a need.

The process of selling Gray & Sons is smooth, and that doesn’t let you undergo hassle that you might have to face when selling your valuable jewelry to a local pawn shop or a jewelry store. 

Bottom Line: 

Recognizing how to deal with your engagement ring after a divorce is eventually your final decision. Select a choice that brings life and energy – one that makes you feel optimistic about your future – whether it’s about selling your jewelry via an online platform like Gray&Sons or repurposing it to another aesthetic jewelry piece.

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