and the American Whitewater Expedition

November 13 23:01 2019 and the American Whitewater Expedition

Our team usually takes a team building trip once a year.  It’s an opportunity to get to know each other better relaxing around a campfire or when under pressure in team-building events.  We find that it strengthens our relationships and improves team communication and productivity. This year, we decided that whitewater rafting in Southern California would be a great idea.  However, none of the team members had ever been to the area.

We started our search by reviewing this article, “Whitewater rafting season in the West looking ‘epic’” from the LA Times.  It’s interesting to learn of the history of the area and how long ago the first “whitewater” trips were taken by early Americans.  There are all sorts of options listed in the article – Green River, Colorado River – with many of the mountains this year having well over 150% snowpack in late March.  We did find additional reading here on more specific trips in the Southern California region.

What the team was looking for this year is not just some relaxing float, but something that would push everyone to our limits.  To see really what we were made of when it comes to helping each other paddle through the rough stuff. We really wanted to step out of our comfort zone and take on the American River.  The American River is a 120-mile long river in Southern California that runs from the Sierra Nevada mountain range to its confluence with the Sacramento River in the Sacramento Valley. Together with the Sacramento River its part of the San Francisco Bay watershed.  The area has a rich history, giving us plenty of things to do and see once we were off the river.

Part of our planning a more rigorous adventure was to consider the safety of our team.  We found the first and most important item was to find the right guide. There were plenty of guide services, such as Whitewater Expedition, that could fill the bill. We needed to be sure that all of our team had flotation devices and had some experience with rafting.  We consider the time of year we would raft, because it is important to wear the appropriate outerwear. The rivers can be very cold and if there is a lot of wind, we wanted to be sure our clothing reduces hypothermia.  And finally, any good team should know how to communicate without words. Our team has been practicing our hand signals that would allow us to communicate when the big waves begin breaking over the sides of the raft. Wow.  With all of these concerns, you might be surprised that we are actually excited to go.

Come and join us.  We are looking to travel in late November this year.  Be sure to bring your jackets. It’s going to be big.

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