Looks into Personalized Marketing and SheerID

November 13 22:45 2019 Looks into Personalized Marketing and SheerID

In attempting to answer the question – “How do content providers move confidently to a direct to consumer (or DTC) model when they’re up against giants like Netflix and Spotify?” – our team has discovered the power of personalized marketing.  Marketing based on social identity. This includes life stages (like students or seniors) or life affiliations (like military members or teachers).

We began by trying to avoid the standard subscription-based models they have completely saturated today’s growing markets.  These models are so abundant, with their universal “one-month free” discounts, consumers tend to jump around from one company to the next taking advantage of the deals, but not staying with a brand.  We actually learned a lot by reading, “Why Customer Experience Management Really Matter for Retail Companies | Read Infiniti’s Latest Success Story to Gather Detailed Insights”.

We were looking for a service that would provide more loyalty from costumers than the subscription-based models and found that we could discover more here.  Personalized Marketing establishes trust with a customer.  By tapping into a consumer’s group identity, a company can create an emotional connection with the customer.  We found that gating the offer through digital verification adds an extra level of exclusivity by requiring customers to confirm their relationship to the identified group.  To do this, however, the company must take the necessary time to learn more about their targeted audience and to be sure they are speaking with them and supporting their messages.  This results in the company providing uninterrupted, premium content to their specific target group.

The problem we found ourselves running into was how to gate the users appropriately into identity groups so that we could make specific offers based on these subgroups.  Verification use to be much simpler. If you were shopping at the mall you and wanted a student discount, you could just go to the counter and show your student ID. Today, with computers, smartphones and the internet, verification is much harder.  We researched several options, like those at SheerID, to find that the right solutions are out there.  To make things even more complicated, social media has made it possible for millions of potential customers to find exclusive offers which they redeem even though they are not necessarily qualified.  This has caused the “honor system” to be completely useless.

Our solution – personalized marketing through gated verification systems.  This is the only way to parse the thousands of potential customers that can access your products and services via the world wide web.  Using these targeted, gated promotion designs for specific identity groups invites customers to engage with emotion, thereby increasing their purchasing intent.  Bottom line – a satisfied customer.

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