Seasoned Blogger and Author R.C. Otovic Launches New Book Titled: Q: Snippets from a rideshare driver

October 23 08:10 2018

R.C. Otovic is an author and a blogger who elucidates in details his travails as a rideshare driver in his new book. This book tells a story of humanity and relationships being cultivated during a ride. It is reminiscent of Hollywood stories as it touches on the basic human experience which could turn out to be sad and disturbing, and also funny and entertaining. Q: Snippets from a rideshare driver can restore your faith in humanity as it takes you on a journey to the world unknown.

Being a college journalism major, thirst for stories has always been a morale booster for R.C. Otovic and has guided him into writing this perfect book for all. In the early stages of the book; Q: Snippets from a rideshare driver, it was initially a little passage about passengers but has now morphed into a book.

Q: Snippets from a rideshare driver is a book that borders on human relationships and stories that are relatable to everyone. Coming from the mind of an experienced journalist and a business management major, the stories from the book are well detailed in such a way that it will feel like reliving a moment. The passages in the stories are well thought out and represented in a manner that no detail or important aspects are lost in the process.

Majority of the stories are thick enough with funny chapters and appropriate interjections. Descriptions of places where the mentioned events take place to stir up the imaginative mind as the landscape, scenery, buildings and even the time of the event are perfectly described to give the reader a feel of the place. All of the characters presented in this book make it more interesting and exciting. With the ease of language and voicing, Q: Snippets from a rideshare driver is a must-have.

Detailed editing also went into the process as some stories were cut to allow space for the more interesting ones so that readers can have an enjoyable thinking moment, laughing, crying and being happy. The book is written clearly for all to understand with not much use of fancy words, but literal words that are easy to grasp has meaning and also gives a detailed imagery.

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