Author of ‘A Fat Girl’s Confidence Guide’ Publishes New Book: ‘Confident Fat Girls Movement’

October 23 08:05 2018
Author of A Fat Girls Confidence, Patrice Shavone Brown continues on her journey of empowering girls around the world with her Fat Girls Confidence Guidebook and also the “confident fat girl’s movement”. Using her struggles and experiences in life she has been able to be a source of encouragement to people who are weighed down with life’s daily struggles and helps them have a voice and reject society’s negativity.

Oct 23, 2018 – As someone who has passed through a lot of hurdles in life, like the loss of her best friend and mom to cancer in 2017, Patrice Shavone Brown has used her personal experience as a catalyst to help others survive. She has been a voice for the voiceless, helping out in her own way by giving others a reason to enjoy life while silencing all the noise around them. Her recognition of social issues and taking appropriate steps to avail herself in making life better separates her from the rest and gives credit to the fact that she is a born leader.

Patrice has never deterred in her mission to heal the world, raise awareness to the inherent beauty within us and all around us and also help battle core negative and demoralizing feelings that people experience from time to time. She also understands the importance of self-belief as this plays a role in the effectiveness of the advice being passed down in her books. As a Mental Health Counselor in her community, she has spent the last two decades healing people and making a positive impact in that area. Most of all she is “me.” Her source of joy comes from putting a smile on someone’s face and assisting them in any way she can.

About Patrice Shavone Brown

Patrice Shavonne Brown is a mother of two beautiful children and also the big sister of two siblings. She is the author of; Secrets Of A Crazy Mental Health Counselor, The Day Momma Made Me Dance, We Blend Well Together, and A Fat Girl’s Confidence Guide, which all relate to her everyday life experiences. Patrice holds an MA, BA, and AAS. She is also an Anger Management Specialist and Creative Writing Expert. During her free time, she enjoys singing and watching movies. She’s also an avid music lover whose sights are set on being on TV one day.

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