October 08 18:06 2018

Before Netflix’s ‘Inside the Freemasons’, the world only had one film that fully explored the American Masonic structure in such depth – Johnny Royal’s seven-in-the-year making documentary, ‘33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY’.

Los Angeles, CA – October 8, 2018

It all began with ’33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY’ – Watch it on Amazon today: https://amzn.to/2NsMBNI.

Directed by Johnny Royal, 33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY is a gorgeous and highly enticing feature length documentary about the world’s oldest and most powerful secret society, the Freemasons. 33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY is noted as the first film to fully examine the entire American Masonic structure. Featuring today’s most prominent California Freemasons, the documentary aims to share the experience and continue the legacy.

The Freemason experience has continued to be shared through Netflix’s documentary-TV, Inside the Freemasons (2017), starring Gerry Hacking, Peter Lowndes and Chris Noon. Inside the Freemasons explores the Freemasons, who they are and what they do, and answers with specifics according to the United Grand Lodge of England.

Photo: Netflix’s ‘Inside The Freemasons’.

Dive deeper into the unique and unprecedented access to one of the world’s oldest, most questioned and secret societies with 33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY to uncover more than imaginable. Told in an eye-opening and revolutionary way, the documentary showcases the entire structure of the American Masonic system, from every degree of the Blue Lodge (1-3), York Rite (Royal Arch, Cryptic Council, and Knights Templar) and Scottish Rite (4-33).

33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY provides answers to longtime questions, like the purpose and meaning of the rituals, why people join, the unique culture of the Masonic fraternity and where the future of the ancient society is headed. Through poignant interviews and beautiful photography the film highlights the worldwide legacy of Freemasons and their perspectives on these timeless rituals and their place in the world around them. 33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY allows for Freemasons to share an experience together through the film, while allowing Non-Masons to immerse themselves fully to experience, learn, and explore further in depth about the world’s secret fraternity.

Discover more about the world of the Freemasons today by watch 33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY on VOD platforms including Amazon today: https://amzn.to/2NsMBNI.

33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY has an extraordinary cast and crew including Producer, Music Supervisor, Composer, and Re-Recording Mixer Sean Beavan (Lost Highway, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson), Producer Robert Doan, Co-Producer and Composer Juliette Beavan, and Composer and Co-Producer Tennessee Freemason Ernest Chapman. Alongside are Supervising Editor Jason Pachomski (Bates Motel, Hand of God) and Visual FX Supervisor Zach Brinkerhoff  (Thor, X-Men).

33 & BEYOND: THE ROYAL ART OF FREEMASONRY (2017, 90 min.) Written and Directed by Johnny Royal. Supervising Editor: Jason Pachomski. Cinematographers: Pablo Diez, Philipp Friesenbichler and Daryl Gilmore. Original Music: Juliette Beavan, Sean Beavan, Ernest Chapman and Johnny Royal. US, English. Praetorian Motion Pictures, TriCoast Entertainment, TriCoast Worldwide. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Praetorian Motion Pictures.

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