A Loyalty Platform Revolutionizes Customer Engagement With Holistic Approach

January 19 18:07 2023

Amidst numerous trends driving the loyalty market, marketers are investigating strategies to enhance customer experience effectively. Over 90% of USA-based brands have some type of customer loyalty program, but conventional methods are not working anymore. The leaders in the loyalty industry are talking about amplifying customer experience.

Yotpo, Antavo, Zinrelo & Annex Cloud are building technology-driven loyalty platforms. By 2023, global loyalty market is expected to reach $6.96 billion with CAGR of 16.9%. Since, customer acquisition is 5X expensive over retention, loyalty platforms are becoming quintessential part of overall growth strategy for brands. 

Zinrelo has been leading the loyalty platforms market with innovative loyalty solutions. They have proactively inspired global enterprises to hop on the holistic loyalty approach. Samir Palnitkar, VP of Customer Success at Zinrelo, said, “Our solutions are based on holistic loyalty that spans multiple aspects like behavioral, emotional, transactional, social, advocacy and engagement. Putting the customer at the center has been our mantra that has empowered thousands of our clients to achieve sustainable growth.”

The holistic loyalty concept brings data analytics, technology platform, and strategic consultation in tandem to turn a loyalty program into a customer experience catalyst. The following facets of customer loyalty sum up the holistic approach taken by Zinrelo in its award-winning loyalty software:

  • MarTech Stack
  • Data-Driven Design
  • Strategic Consultation
  • Multi-dimensional loyalty program
  • Headless Architecture
  • Omnichannel Approach

A multi-dimensional approach to loyalty by Zinrelo ensures that a community of brand-loyal customers is nurtured rather than attracting temporary price-loyal customers.

This approach by Zinrelo has produced astounding results by increasing Customer Lifetime Value, Average Order Value, and customer retention rates for brands. Marketers are equipped with data-driven decision-making systems that advance them ahead of customer expectations. The mantra of holistic customer loyalty is a trending topic in the loyalty market, with Zinrelo leading its way to success for its clientele.

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